Monday, November 7

10 Things Tuesday - NaNoWriMo Ideas

Since I am some 10000 words short of my recommended target for the week I thought that perhaps it might be rather fitting to make a list of some possible story suggestions.  I know that if I knuckle down and get into it within the next day or so I am still likely to be able to reach the 50000 word goal before the end of the month.

So far my total is just under 600 words so there is plenty to develop.  If the suspense of what I may have written is too much for you some of it can be found here.  Like I said plenty to develop.  Without further adieu here are ten possible things to appear in my novel.

  1. Sally awakes from an operation.  Nothing very major but it will be an emotional journey and chances are she will feel very alone.
  2. She falls deeply and madly in love (very original I know maybe she can do this with the doctor who performs her operation?)
  3. Sally spends a lonely night at home feeling more than sorry for herself.
  4. Sally snaps out of her somber mood and goes to the beach and eats an ice cream (maybe this is where she falls in love? Why am I obsessed with writing a love story?)
  5. Sally attends a high school reunion where she wishes she could make her life seem better than what it is (again not very original but as if we want to read about her awesome her life is?  Doesn't sad stuff make the reader feel better about their own hardships?)
  6. Hmmmmm maybe ten was too adventurous?  (Says the writer still yet to crack a thousand for this year's NaNoWriMo)
  7. Sally has a fantasy about running off with the young butcher at the local market.  Ok so I just went and tried to Google a photo for a cute butcher.  Instead (due to my severe lack of research ability) I ended up at some dodgy foursquare location  finder for a friendly butcher in Toronto.  Yep super handy for me.  The first comment states that Butchers are the new firemen so at least there is hope for the fantasy thing)
  8. She contemplates some deep and meaningful, life changing event, that she may or may not be actually able to make happen.
  9. She takes a walk down memory lane where she shares some interesting insight into her character and why she behaves the way she does
  10. OMG!!!  Am I really at ten??  Perhaps there is hope for me to make the word count before months end?  No seriously I do realise that I have not technically come up with ten different story ideas.  However all is not lost read on below.
I actually started writing this post over a week ago.  Today is actually November 18.  I got to five and then I got stuck.  I couldn't think of any more.  All my ideas, thoughts, everything that I had thought I could include was gone.  
In a blink of an eye I suddenly became overwhelmed with the desire to sleep, my mind shut down and any further progress was not made.  For some reason my brain just said it did not want to think about this stupid  story any more. 
Even when I came tonight to get this out I struggled (as is clearly evident by point number 6) to get started and even then the rest of the list is somewhat questionable.  I really do want to be a writer.  I am not overly fussed what type, I just want to say I am widely recognised as a writer.  Slowly, slowly I know.  Have patience, and just keep on writing.  All gets a little blah, blah, blah at times though.  Still at least with this post I am one step closer to reaching my Me & YOU Monthly goal.