Sunday, November 20

A Return to Making Goals

Regular readers will know that like many mothers, I struggle at times with the housework.  The height of my Mt Washmore could possibly be in the running for some kind of record.  It is more than just a little crazy I tell ya!

Regular readers would also know that since joining in with Me & YOU I started to make a concerted effort to stay on top of daily chores that I know many other women around the world were able to regularly see to.  Despite growing up and being told "Rhianna you are not like everyone else" this is in fact one area of life where it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Now I know on the surface suddenly becoming conscious if you will of the importance of regular effort may seem a little shallow.  But you see I was actually dealing with a lot more than just getting round to doing housework.  While I may on many occasions openly admit to being a little on the lazy side and easily distracted what I actually lack is self discipline and time management.  The great thing is that I am becoming more aware of these short fallings which in turn means I am more able to do something about them.  Unfortunately I haven't actually established what that will be yet but all in good time.

I really do believe that the turning point for all of this was because I started to take the time to stop and think about making goals.  Not only did I think about making goals but I actually did it and then set out to try and achieve them.  All of which is just wonderful only when the link up turned monthly I sort of lost my way.  

For the most part of the last twenty days I have given little thought to staying abreast of daily chores.  Which has naturally led to that over whelming, where do I start, out of control feeling that I am sure many of us are all to familiar with.  You know the one where it all gets put in the too hard basket and you walk away hoping someone else will deal with it all.  Only they don't and when you return it is worse than ever.

So with that in mind I am returning to making Mondays all about making goals.  I had for a while been participating in Making Goals Monday with Sarah over at Accepting and Embracing Autism only sadly it seems as if she no longer blogs there.  I am a little hesitant at using the term but I can't think of anything more fitting at the moment so I am just going to go with it.  If you think this terribly wrong of me, (big breath in) too bad!  No seriously I am not that tough, I was just trying to be funny, it's not terribly wrong of me is it?

This week I will aim to
  1. Keep the washing (at every stage) under control
  2. Maintain a dish free sink area (this also includes cutlery, cups and pots and pans)
  3. Be active at least once a day in some way (dancing and playing with children may be included)
  4. Write at least three more than awesome posts
  5. Consciously model the behaviours I wish to see in my children
That will do it for now.  I am always cautious about over doing things and setting unrealistic goals.  In the past my biggest failing was setting unrealistic goals.  As parents we tend to ensure that we set achievable goals for our children as we realise the importance of success for them.  I often neglect to treat myself the same way despite my need for success being just as important.

For a variety of reasons the past few weeks have been a bit rough for me.  Right now though I am feeling strong and confident.  Which is good.  I know I have another roughish patch just round the corner.  The stronger I am now the better it will all go.

If you are interested in some focused goal making drop me a line.  For a brief moment I thought about adding a linky tool, but then I realised the possibility of not getting anyone to join in was too great and I didn't want the rejection feeling my head would create.  While I might have just said I am feeling strong I am not feeling that strong yet.  Either way be sure to check back next week to see how I went and if by chance you like the idea of joining in write a post and leave the link in the comments for now.