Tuesday, November 29

A few words about Wordless Wednesday

One of the few things I can be sure of doing each week is joining up with My Little Drummer Boys and Faith, Hope & a whole lotta Love for Wordless Wednesday.  I find it rather ironic that for as much as I dream of being a writer the biggest hit each week comes from a post that is actually wordless.

Since I know that people do take the time to stop by and have a look I pride myself in making sure that I have a wonderful picture to share.  Lately however they have been harder to come by.  I haven't been taking my camera out much so I have been mostly using photos I already had.  While I am sure that I still have many that I haven't already used it doesn't feel like that at times.

Naturally I much prefer using new and fresh photos but it is just not always possible.  For example there is a bird who flies over my house almost every day.  At roughly the same time as well.  Do you think I can get a photo of it though?  In fact my inability to capture this bird is one of the reasons my camera and I are some what strangers.

So imagine my shock tonight when skimming through my  thousands of photos for my WW post tomorrow when I came across a photo of this magnificent creature taken some two years ago no less!  But wait there is more.  According to the info attached by iPhoto the photo was taken on my old dodgy point and shoot.  The audacity of it all.

At least it made deciding what photo to use easy and came with the extra added bonus of this post.