Sunday, May 22

Inspiring Interview Number One

Now I have been going on and on about this for ages.  Trying to build some sort of mystery and interest in it.  Personally though I would not blame you for thinking I was never actually going to get around to posting it.  After all it was nearly a week ago that I went and met with my first inspirational woman.

For those who have not yet worked out who this talented lady, is I would like to introduce Anna from mangolime  Anna creates gorgeous children's clothes and modern cloth nappies (MCN) right here in little old Darwin.  I have always used cloth nappies.  The thought of using those awful plastic alternative has made me cringe.  

I have at times been slightly envious of the no wet patch advantage that disposables have, but it is still not enough to make me use them.  Actually that is not true I used them when DD3 was about 6 weeks old for my brother's wedding and then when we went camping with overseas visitors.  I had massive issues out there using them.  We were surrounded by this beautiful bushland yet my poor little darling was expected to be covered with those awful plastic things.  Needless to say there was a bit of nappy free time.  Everyone else on the trip convinced me there was neither the space nor ability to store and wash cloth nappies.  It turned out they were wrong on both counts, but by the time I realised that, it was too late. Back to the inspirational Anna though.

What is it that I find so inspirational?

Well basically she had a problem and found an awesome solution to it.  One that she could sell to others and help save the precious environment one nappy at a time.  How could that not be inspirational?  Especially since the beautiful nappies she makes are not only reusable but also free from wet patches.  For a simple terry towel user like myself she is a dream come true.

In case you are still wondering what it is I am talking about here are a few pics.

mangolime nappy in action
mangolime dress (has a matching nappy)

one of the first mangolime nappies I got

I know that this has not exactly been much of an interview as such but some things just can't be helped.  When we met last week we were both short on time and me being me, took a little while to feel comfortable.  Don't get me wrong Anna is as warm and welcoming as her wonderful creations are.  Everything that held me back was all in my pretty little head and slowly I am working around it all.

Anyway if you would like to see more of Anna's beautiful work she is currently a guest WAHM on the FireFly Collective otherwise check mangolime for more details.  Anna and I will be meeting again in the near future as she is kindly making DD2 a bit of a birthday skirt, (but shhh don't tell her) So maybe I will try the whole interview thing again then.

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  1. I love the idea of cloth nappies, but they scare me! Especially in winter here when its so cold and so hard to dry anything.
    I love the mangolime nappies though!

  2. yes that is one thing I love about terries they dry so wonderfully quick. I have actually thought about using the MCN shell over some terry squares. Alternatively if you have lots and lots of nappies and was regularly then it doesn't matter if there is a long drying time


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