Sunday, May 8


Editors Note:  I actually began writing this post on the 19th Feb.  I tend to have a rule that involves never deleting a post attempt.  Instead after a while I go back, have another look and try my very very best to get the post published.  I am still not sure how to actually finish this one but since today is Mothers Day I thought it somewhat appropriate to post it now.  To all the mothers out there I hope you had a wonderful day and were showered with appreciation and love.  To my own mum, I love you oh so very much and am more than thankful (even if I don't always show it) for all you do.  To my own beautiful children thank you for making me a mother.  It truly is the best gift a woman can ever be given.

We all have them, or at least had one at some point.
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Many of us are one, some want to be one,
Others try to be one while some never get the chance,
And others shouldn't be given the choice.
There are thousands of ways to be one, and no two are ever the same.
It is a bond that can unify and split, in almost the same breath.

Being a mum is tiring. It really is hard work,
With little recognition, but plenty of complaints.

Yet somehow it always seems worth it, even through the hurt.
A little smile from a tender child can ease away it all.
From the darkest days with the greyest clouds to the golden glow of children's glee

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