Tuesday, May 24

Day Eight

Yay! Eight straight days of posting.  That means it has been a whole week of posting.  I must admit the only reason I am here is because I don''t want to have to start again.  After all, I am nearly a tenth of the way through my challenge.

Today I got up super early (6.13) made muffins and scrolls.  They were yummy but we still ended up late to school.  I can't remember the last time we weren't late actually.  Mornings are not a fun time at our place at the moment.  After yet another sock battle with DD2 I was ready to go back to bed by 9.  Instead I visited mum, helped her change her dressing, plus a few other little jobs.  When I did make it home, DD3 had a sleep, and I cleaned, tidied and responded to a few emails.  As well as hanging out some washing and folding a little as well.  Oh and did I mention the sweeping and mopping?

Once DD3 woke up we dashed down the shops to buy the last few things needed for dinner.  I was determined to make my first ever lasagne,  I find it hard to believe I have never made one before but I certainly can't recall when that might have been.  Turns out that I have quite a knack for making lasagne.  It was seriously yummy.  

Anyway because of all of this and a whole lot more, this is all you will get out of my tonight.

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  1. The rare times I have attempted a lasagne, the time involved just wasn't worth it. I always go over-the-top, doing different layers and the pasta never seems to cook. Maybe one day I'll give a regular lasagne a try! :)

  2. I know what you mean this was just a long process, but boy did it taste yummy and lasted for lots of meals so sorta worth it I guess.


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