Monday, May 16

Monday Madness

With another Monday out the way I feel that it was all a little mad.  Enjoyable, but still a little mad.  Actually I think it is only an indication of how the rest of the week is going to go.  All of a sudden human contact seems to once again be heading towards new all time highs.  

Today saw me have a close one on one with an almost stranger.  And in her house as well.  Tomorrow is filled with canteen roster and school council meetings.  Followed by a 2 day positive behaviour thing with a few people from school.  Gosh my head spins just thinking about it all.  Seriously I just tried to make a date with my next inspirational lady and my head now feels like it is wants to explode.  I ended up closing the email and returning here.  Scheduling can be done later.  Much to my dismay I am slowly coming round to the need for a schedule.  Back to today.

Back to today where somehow I managed to step inside a wonderful woman's home and see the magical little space where she creates some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  Today where I sat in awe of some very gorgeous fabrics that I just knew would soon be beautiful clothes.  I actually got a little overwhelmed by it all and forgot a lot of what I wanted to ask.  Thankfully though they are only minor details and can be found out later.  I had thought about walking in with already written questions, but I did not want to appear too nerdy.  One of my strongest early memories about school is being called a square... Moving right along... ... ... 

More important though, than any interview I may or may not have carried out, I had a wonderful relaxed chat with a woman I really enjoyed getting to know and I hope you will too.  I found it warming to know that there were many similarities to be found.

All in all, my first Inspirational Interview went rather well.   I am rather looking forward to writing it all up and sharing it with you.  I am still not exactly sure when the final version will be ready but naturally as an APL avid reader you will be the first to know :)

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