Saturday, May 14

Happy Halloween!

Editor's note: This is the final of the unpublished posts.  Fingers crossed from here on in I stay on top of it all and there is no more of this unfinished post nonsense.

Or not...depending on which side of the river you come from.

I live on the Australian side of the river where traditionally Halloween is not one of the festive seasonal events that we take part in. At least that was the way it was when I was a kid. In fact I can barely even remember the day as a child. My nine yr old just went to her second fancy dress Halloween party.  This time she had a black cape and hat and was a "Vitch" which apparently is the result of mixing vampire and a witch.

Personally I am reluctant to be fully supportive of the whole Halloween thing. I fail to see how encouraging our children to take candy from strangers is a good thing. However if the event can be celebrated without that taking part then hey who cares? At the end of the day it is the great time of the year to have a party.

The weather is starting to change (pretty much regardless of where you live) Hot is going cold and vice verse just as the droughts and the rains move from one place to the next.

As it turned out between then and now there were significant floods throughout the Eastern and South Eastern states of Australia.  In fact the were record rains across the country.  Which may have caused more destruction than good.  As I write large parts of America are also bracing for the devastation that excess water brings.  This comes after significant earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan that have left thousands without homes.  Not that any of that has much to do with Halloween but since my last sentence was about the weather I thought I would give an update on it.  Winter is well and truly on the way now.  So far it looks like it will be a cold one.  Records have already started to fall.  I wish I could be like Tony Abbott and not believe in Climate Change

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