Saturday, May 7

What's Your Passion?

Do you even have one?

I don't think I do.  (I can barely scrape by at saying I even have a hobby and I am pretty sure that a hobby is a great start to having a passion)  I mean sure there are lots of things that I feel strongly about and lots of things I like to think I do.  There are even lots of things that I support and agree with and try to live by, and Lord knows there are certainly many hobby like activities that I try my hand at.  But at the end of the day I am not sure I could honestly say that I feel passionately about something.

There is of course one thing I guess I could say that I am passionate about and that is my family. Making sure that their life is as wonderful as possible is certainly something I feel passionate about but that is just part of being a mum isn't it?  Only the notion of 'being a mum' varies not just between mums but between people as a whole.  For some it is a walk in the park, you know the stuff dreams are made of and all that.  For others it is a sleep deprived nightmare that seems to never end.  For me it is mostly the former, though recently it feels as if it is heading towards the latter but that is not what we are here about today.

Back to passions and being passionate.

Being passionate about something involves a certain level of dedication and commitment, which in turn needs a relatively high level of energy to maintain.  This is where passionate becomes a little tricky for me.  I start with the best of intentions, full of dedication and being committed to the cause (whatever it may be).  My energy levels are higher than high and enthusiasm runs through my veins like a life giving blood.  Only somewhere all of this always seems to get lost and I end up far from the original plan and expected outcomes.

(short sigh, contemplate deep one but can't really be bothered)

Most people expect I have a passion for writing and given my desire to be a famous writer who can really blame them?  The thing that stops me from really thinking I have a passion for writing is the fact that I don't really do a lot of it on a regular basis.  I mean I can barely manage a daily post here let alone anything of substance or importance.  People continually say that I if I just write readers will come.

Really?  Is it that simple?  Is that really all there is to it?  Surely there is a certain level that I need to get to in order for it happen? If so where is this level and will I be there soon?

Enough of my self wallowing for now though.

I know some wonderful women who are passionate about creating beautiful things and over the coming weeks I will be sharing these with you.  In the mean time tell me what is your passion?

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  1. As you have probably guessed, creating is my passion. I have an endless stream of ideas inside my head and really not enough hours in the day to be a good mother, partner, friend AND give live to my creative ideas. But, I'm out of the dark tunnel that for me was parenting babies/small children. I feel I'm at that point where I am gaining my own life back, and the energy to truly indulge in my passion AND be good at the rest of it, too :)


  2. you were actually in my mind as I was writing some of this post, and thanks for stopping by as well :) It is so hard to find a balance between it all isn't? I want to create beautiful things but it feels like there is so many other things that I need to do first that by the time I get to the creating part I am all worn out

  3. I read a thing somewhere that said along the lines of:

    if you want to learn to play guitar, play the guitar.
    if you want to learn to paint, paint.
    If you want to learn to sew, sew.

    Etc... it's so true :)

  4. yes it is so very true, my house is always in such a shambles though that I always feel I would never be able to create in it till things are sorted...of course I need to realise that things will probably never be sorted :)


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