Thursday, May 12


I have spent some time recently thinking about ways in which I can expand and improve this wonderful blog.  After all, if it is going to make me rich and famous there is going to need to be something pretty special about it isn't there?

Anyway one of the many gazillion ideas that I came up with was to interview some really cool people.  I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier post but as of about ten minutes ago, I have now actually organised a possible interview with a rather cool person.  Well at least I think she is rather cool and I am pretty sure when you see the beautiful stuff she makes you will agree.

I have been lucky enough to gain a muchly sought after custom slot which means she will make something just for me.  The best part is I get to be a little selective in terms of material.  The photo is a little hint as to one possible selection.  Oh me oh my!  I can hardly wait. 

Now the question remains when do I reveal the first really cool person?


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