Monday, May 2

Masterchef Returns!

Which I am just a little bit excited about.  I am not exactly close to the Masterchef standards but I certainly do appreciate lovely food and would love to be able to improve my skills in any way possible.

In honour of the return of the Masterchef team to our screens I am going to share with you a little apple creation I just cooked up for dessert.  Hubs and I cooked a marvellous  roast pork dinner tonight and as a result of me being rather over zealous in my apple peeling there was a some leftover apple sauce.  The apple slinky I got for my birthday has really made peeling and cutting apples so much fun that I tend to over use it whenever possible.

Not wanting to be wasteful I thought a bit of an apple dessert might be called for.  So I cranked the old gas oven back up and grabbed a piece of puff pastry out of the freezer.  Once the pastry was soft enough I sliced off about a third of the sheet and lay the bigger piece in a greased shallow ceramic dish (about 15cmx5cmx3cm)

I then spooned the apple mixture over the pastry.  There was probably about a cup and a half of apple all up.  Which I had just cooked on the stove for about 10-20 mins with a little sugar and water.  I then stretched out the remaining pastry strip and after turning in all the dish edges placed over the apple.  The top actually turned out to have a few overlapping thin layers.  I then covered the top with cinnamon sugar and brushed lightly with milk.

If you can't find a dish an alternative is covering a sheet of pastry with a thin layer of apple and then loosely rolling.  Gently press down on the roll the blunt side of a bread and butter knife.  Again cover with cinnamon sugar and brush with milk.

Place in oven and bake until pastry is light and puffy.  About 20-30 mins (I think...times and measurements are not really my strong point)

Anyway the real kickers for this dish were the tinned caramel, melted chocolate and whipped cream that I served with it.  To make the cream just a little sweeter I added a bit of icing sugar.  I know I know not exactly weight loss approved but very very yummy which is what I love most about Masterchef.  They don't worry about the weight loss factor is all about taste
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