Thursday, May 19

What a day

I feel like this has been the first time I have sat down all day.  Of course I know that is far from the truth.  While I feel I may have been incredibly busy all day long the results seem to speak a different story.  Every where I look I see several half finished, possibly even a few nearly finished, chores.  I can't actually see anything that has been successfully completed yet though.  No matter how hard I look.

The thing that I struggle with the most is clothes.  There are always so many clothes that need attending to. They need to be...

This post was actually started on the 15th (yes as in four days ago,Sunday actually)  I spent all weekend trying to get the house work under control.  Or at least manageable.  I knew that I had a busier than normal week ahead of me (sorry got distracted...The NRL Footy Show is on and 6 days out from the first State of Origin  Queensland is hoping (expecting?) to win their sixth straight series.  Which as a proud supporter  I am rather pleased about.  Unfortunately for my dearly beloved hubs, he is under the misguided impression (as are a few others) that NSW will somehow be able to perform a minor miracle and win two of the three games.

Again though I digress.  So easy to do though when there is so much going on.

My mind is still whirring with all the information gained from day two of my training thing.  DD3 was just absolutely wonderful again.  She took a little more management than yesterday but all things considered she was still a super star and I am just thrilled that I was able to attend with her.   Considering they were all about positive behaviour though it is not overly surprising for her to be welcome.  I do however think they were surprised we both lasted through every session!

Anyway back to starting this post four days ago and only publishing now.  I am very close to cracking the 100 post mark and I want it to be something special.  Given my brain activity over the last few days I am not sure a post today would actually make the special mark.  Talking of special posts go and check these two posts out.  The first is over at Hello Owl and is about how she convinced her hubby to pose naked with her for a national magazine.  The second is at The Artful Parent which I have only just stumbled across and let me tell you I like it a LOT! Go on go check it out.

Oh and I haven't forgotten about my Inspirational Interviews either.  Small steps I guess.

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  1. I am also very easily distracted. I've been home for an hour, sitting online. Should be working!

  2. yep online is one of my worst distractions as well, that and... oh look something shiny...


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