Monday, May 23

Even the best laid plans

The start of yet another jam packed week.  Jam packed with what I am not sure yet but if previous weeks are anything to go by I am sure I will find plenty to do.  It seems as if I have a knack of finding things to do.  Especially if the things stops me from having to do the housework.  Oh, the dreaded housework.  I swear I am constantly plagued by the mundane and never ending repetitiveness of it all.

I know that part of being a woman/mother/person means that housework is just part and parcel of the job description, but I still despise it with a loathing passion.  Yet at the same time if the truth be told I do find it strangely satisfying and even rewarding (shh don't tell though).  It is just one of the many daily difficulties that I tussle with.

Generally speaking I am a 'go with the flow' kind of person.  As long as the majority of the boxes are checked then near enough is good enough.  Possibly not the best attitude for ultimate success but if you mix a bit of the greatest good for the greatest number then surely an even balance can be created?  

I know that planning and preparation and all that type of stuff has some super huge positives at times but for some reason it never seems to go to plan for me.  Take today for example.  I had planned to come straight home from dropping the girls off at school.  Well straight after I dropped into see mum and help her out for a while.  After connecting the washing machine and a few other little odd jobs we were suddenly on our way to a shopping expedition.

The lasagne I had planned on cooking for dinner didn't eventuate.  Much like the clean and tidy living area I was  hoping for.  On the up side, because in my world there is always an upside, (though today the upside was super easy to find)  The girls did end up with some lovely winter woolies and we also got a new, super chic black dinner setting.

Even though I was shopping all day I didn't seem to make it to the shops that sold food.  I thought that I would have to resort to baked beans, bacon and eggs.  Which might be great for a Saturday night but not really what a possible mother of the entrant would serve.  Thankfully though, after a quick peak in the fridge, I was able to whip up something much yummier instead.  In fact I am surprised at just how well it all came together.  I had no idea my fridge was so well stocked!

Here is what I did.

Well this post, which is nothing like what I had planned to write when I started has no taken some three hours to write due to the up and downs of being a parent and having a kitchen to clean.  On the up side though I did actually manage to get two posts out so yay for me!  I am hoping to get to my second hundred much quicker than my first.

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