Tuesday, January 8

Normal mistakes and sorting oneself out

With the first week of the year officially over now life is supposed to return to normal. Whatever normal is of course. For me true normal is still weeks away. Which in some ways I kind of like, though others not so much.

The most obvious way I am not a fan of this current faux normal is the absence of Miss Eleven. For whatever peace it brings, it leaves a twice as big gaping hole that I am done with. In fact we all are. 

Even the bird and dog are moping around.

please excuse the blurriness of this photo
the photographer is only two years old
so really not a bad effort.
What I do like about the delay in the return to normal though is the way it is kept at bay by the fact we are on school holidays until the end of the month. I do so love having all the children around. They really do make such wonderful company, well at least most of the time they do. They are far from perfect and are not always model material but that is all part of the fun of growing up. 

At the end of the day whatever they haven't learnt is because they haven't been taught. As a primary care giver that responsibility to teach falls largely, though not solely, on me. One that I at times wonder if I give due consideration to. Without of course beating myself up too much.

While I may not like acknowledging it, deep down I do realise that perfection is somewhat of myth. It is not possible for me to get everything right all of the time. In fact I may not even get some of this stuff right some of the time, but as long as I keep on trying and don't get discouraged none of it really matters. Well most of it doesn't.

Creating that image completely reinforced that for me as well. Man did I make some mistakes before I learnt how to do it. Though even now it is not quite what I wanted. In my head the curve in learning curve is a lot curvier. Actually it is a straight out arc. I made one perfectly in the fontwork gallery of Open Office but I couldn't for the life of me work out how to transfer it across to pixlr where have developed a little crush on graphic design. (As you may or may not have noticed due to the odd little change here and there of late)

Even though my previous attempts at having a year of something have not exactly been roaring successes, they have not been complete and utter dismal failures either. For example when I dubbed whatever year it was as year of the writer, I might not have become instantly signed up for a book deal but I am still here. Ever so slowly fine tuning my craft and getting the words to run just a little bit smoother.

I am told that all good things come to those who wait. So wait a wee longer I will.

This time last year lots of people were throwing around words that they hoped were going to steer them through the year. I didn't have a list as such, in fact I didn't even had one. For me I was all about making life matter. I wanted to be the best me I could and ra ra ra.

It all sounded so very promising. Even I was convinced. So convinced I went as set up a new blog that would document my journey. Naturally none of it panned out the way I thought it would when I first thought about it. It never does, and really I wonder if we are ever meant to really get things right the first time round. If mistakes really are all part of the learning curve then by rights we learn more if we get it wrong the first time don't we?

I don't know. It all seems to make my heard hurt.

I want to find something to help me have a focus the whole year through. Or at least the first few months. But I just don't know what. 

Any suggestions? 
What strategies have you in place 
to make the most of the year before you?

It is Tuesday and I have blogged. So have lots of others. They like me know that means only one thing