Monday, January 21

I must confess that lists scare me

There I said it.

I am not sure if I really like lists. I find them overwhelming and daunting. The unticked tasks that are invariably left seem to taunt me. A constant reminder for a failure to achieve.

Everywhere you turn these days there are people and their lists. Lists of what they'll do, what they've done, where they have been and gone and everything in between. I admire their bravery in being able to put it all out there like that.

Where for most, the highlight of a list is the ticking off it's accomplishments once completed, such achievements seem to regularly elude me. In fact rather than a to-do list it is a case of will never not in a life time get done.

Thanks to Deb over at Home Life Simplified though, I think there might be a solution. Today see's Deb launch the first of her Listmania lists. A weekly meme to share some good old list loving, with the first week reminding me lists don't have to be about things that need to be done.

Lists can be about anything (duh! However did I forget that?)

And this list is about me!
Currently I am:
 Reading: Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson I only started reading this yesterday but so far I am really enjoying it. I received it thanks of the lovely Denyse quite a few weeks ago now. 
Listening to: Some documentary on mining and land claims. It is actually quite interesting, Mr Awesome is watching it, I am thinking of rushing through the rest this so I can join him.
 Laughing at: Myself for thinking I could just rush through the rest of this list. Perhaps my initial feelings regarding lists were correct. I just skimmed down some of the other things I need to come up with here and they are tough!
Swooning over: Mr Awesome Yes I know, but it is true. I don't get time to watch movies or read magazines so I have no idea who the hottest hot bod belongs to according to social media. Mr Awesome is all I need.
 Planning: Always. Rarely successfully though. I am not sure why but for some reason I take that whole best laid plans thing to the extreme. Regardless of my level of planning nothing ever goes to plan.
Eating lots of: Blueberries. Or at least I was yesterday when I bought two punnets of them because they were super cheap and then preceded to eat them while waiting for the rain to ease so I could walk home dry
 Feeling: Tired and sore. Sigh, but who isn't?
Discovering: Mr Awesome rubbing my neck feels like heaven
 Looking at: The inside of my eyelids enjoying said neck rub from Mr Awesome
WearingClothes. Nothing exciting there. However if Mr Awesome is offering free massages I may soon be wearing nothing which of course would be exciting and how did this suddenly become so hot and heavy. All a bit much for Monday morning reading I am sure.
 Cooking: Delicious chocolate cherry muffins. Seriously delicious. I should take a photo of them before I eat them all and then maybe I could blog about it.
Wondering: If the whole massage thing could actually be a possibility?
 Trying out: My luck with the massage. You can't blame a a girl for trying. 

Sorry list lovers, that is the best I have for now. I did tell you they scare me a little. 

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Oh and I must confess that I am a linky lover and this joins in with Kirsty and her confessions. 
I must also confess that I never intended this post to be all about my love of massages, but there you go.