Thursday, January 10

Tank Thursday

In a bid to get some feed back about this little old blog, I asked Mr Awesome if he had anything to share. In my wisdom, I thought that if anyone had some advice on how I could shake things up a bit it was him. After all who knows me better than him?

Let's just say that after the conversation that ensued I kinda wish I hadn't brought it up with him.

The essence of his critique was that I should loosen up a bit and just let go every now and then. Apparently, according to Mr Awesome's wisdom, I am too structured and formal. This applies to both my writing style and the type of posts that I published. I am also too opinionated and my posts feel more like a debate than fodder for a mummy blog.

His first recommendation was to get rid of being thankful on a Thursday. After all who wants to constantly read what you are thankful for? (His words not mine) I was going to point out that I hadn't actually done a thankful Thursday post since November but instead I decided to take all further comments he made with a grain of salt because clearly the regularity of his reading needs to be questioned.

Just as I was about to ask him what I should write about instead of being thankful, he pipped me at the post and said "Tank Thursday" would be a much better option.

"Tank Thursday???" I queried with a bemused look on my face as I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for his ingenious suggestion to be explained further.

"Yeah you know how in the footy last year there were teams accused of 'tanking' their game so they could get a better route to the finals? Do something like that on a Thursday instead of that thankful rubbish" he replied with a look on his face that looked like he had just made the greatest discovery ever.

"Hmmmm, I will take in on board" was about all that I could manage in response.

Mr Awesome then went on to explain that most other mummy bloggers covered topics very differently to me. They seemed to put their own spin on child rearing and it really wouldn't hurt for me to share a bit more about the raising the girls. He even went so far as to say that I should write more about any problems or uncertainties that I have and that way I could ask my readers for advice.

This was right before he started to lecture me on how I don't ask enough open ended questions and give my readers more of an opportunity to interact with me. Ending it with "you know like all the other mummy bloggers do"

At this point I couldn't take any more. I just had to know which mummy bloggers he was a regular reader of, because he was well and truly making himself like somewhat of an expert on the whole topic of mummy blogging.

"Gosh I don't know their names. I just read some the ones that you are friends with and comment on. though that Jess is pretty good" he eagerly responded.

"Yes she is..." I started to say before he cut me off.

"Yeah you should try and write more like her, her writing style is really easy to read, I like it a lot..." He began to babble on. Though I had stopped listening, my pride wounded, I found it hard to take much more in.

He is right of course, Jess is a great writer and always makes for a great read, I just kind of thought I was too. Only every time he spoke he made me feel less and less like it. It's not that he didn't say I wasn't a good writer, in fact quiet the opposite.

According to Mr Awesome my writing is of a too high quality for mummy blogger readers and that I should dumb my writing down if you will.

"Uh huh" was my meek reply. Unsure of how much more I could take. Thankfully though my saviour came in the form of a child inquiring when dinner would be ready. I don't think I have ever jumped up to feed them so quickly.

So dear reader what do you think, should I find a way to create a proper Tank Thursday? Where I get halfway through a post and then throw the rest away yet still publish in the hope of a better final outcome? Or should I just keep plodding along and pretend we never had this conversation?

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