Friday, August 12

Things I Know

The first thing I know today is that Fridays are fast becoming one of my favourite blogging days as it means I get to share all the things I know with you in one great post.

I also know that I love reading about all the other things that people know so make sure you check them all out (list is found at the bottom of the post here

I know that I am glad I gave the girls the day off school today.  After the loss of Such (my mum's dog) on Wednesday we have all been a little drained.  I desperately wanted to cancel yesterday but there were some commitments that I just couldn't (and didn't want to) not meet.  Plus how wonderful is a long weekend?  Today is also the last day we can spend with our beautiful visitors before they return home tomorrow.  I know we will all miss them muchly.

I know that even though muchly is not really a word I still like to use it sometimes.  I know that other people can make up way cooler words than muchly but that is the best I can do (at least for now anyway).

I know I love the sound of my children laughing (even if it is because DD3 has just tipped a rather large cup of water over herself which I will now have to clean up)  I know also that I have probably mentioned the love laughter thing before but every time I hear it I think how much I love it.  I love it muchly.

I know I am feeling really positive about the way this lovely little blog is growing.  I know I still religiously check stats and get way to excited about even the slightest spike in hits but hey what is it they say about small things and small minds...

I know that I have spent way too much time in front of the computer this morning when I have so many things to do, but hey you can't win them all.

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