Sunday, October 5

Snapshots of Us - Weeks 39 & 40

Welcome to another wrap up in photos of what we have been up to. 

Eighty Mile Beach was not exactly much of a swimming beach which we were initially a bit disappointed about. However there were certainly lots of interesting things to be found as we walked along the shores. Including these cute little hats.

From Eighty Mile we went to a free camp on the banks of the De Grey River.

This was the perfect chance for a spot of fishing.

 After a blissful few days on the riverbanks and despite our abundance of fresh fish, we were forced to head to Port Hedland in search of more supplies.

As lovely as it was in Port Hedland there were not a whole lot of portraits of us to share. The few images I did capture I am holding on to for now and will share them when I do my post on Hedland.

The next port of call was back inland at Karijini National Park. One of the most truly beautiful places I have ever been to.

For more duckfaces make sure you follow Mr Awesome on Instagram.

Since we did such a fantastic job at packing up at Karijini and got on the road by eight o'clock and creating a new on the road record, we were rewarded with Chinese for dinner our first night in Karratha.

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