Friday, October 10

Day 31

A slow day. 

Sleep in, egg and bacon for breakfast and a meander through town and some shops. 

We get a new floor matting to place under the awning. Up until now we have been using foam mats. Which while are lovely and comfortable under foot they are also a pain to put down and pick up. Not to mention the large space that they take up on the roof rack.

The other great purchase for the day was a five disc compilation of 101 party songs. Not exactly my preferred choice in music but at least there is a little something for everyone and it is mildly better than the drone of the corrugation. It most certainly makes a welcome change from the eight CD’s Mr Awesome made before we left. Especially since they are all incredibly dirty and scratched already. Making some new ones when I duck back to Darwin for my doctor’s appointment at the end of the month is a high priority.

Speaking of which I really should get around to booking the airplane tickets for that. Just quietly I am a little anxious about it all. The thought of leaving everyone does not thrill me. Nor does it thrill them for that matter. I have thought about skipping it but deep down I know that would not be the smartest of moves.

The cells at the Old Derby Gaol
On the upside though at least I will get to see McDreamy again. In a strange way I have missed our weekly catch ups. In so many ways it was like hanging out with a new friend not just a doctor. Since I have been gone he got married and I am interested to hear how it all went. Just as I know he will be keen to hear about our travels so far. He is a bit of a bush boy and loved the idea of #ouradventureofalifetime.

Once we had finished shopping we headed out to look at the Old Derby Gaol. There were lots of signs and information for the girls to read and take in so it felt like we did a bit of learning. It was hard explaining to Zany why the Aboriginal people were taken off their land and had all their rights removed. It was even harder explaining why children were removed from their families.

You can't really see the entrance because of the shadow but there is a hole
in the centre of this tree and in days gone by they locked people (Aboriginals) in there
After the Gaol we went to look at the Boab Prison Tree. It wasn't nearly as large or impressive as the one at Wyndham but still worth looking at. The girls were a tad disappointed that they were unable to go in this one. It has been fenced off as it holds cultural significance for the local Aboriginals.

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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