Monday, October 20

Yes another photo of a galah that has no relevance at all to what I am talking about

It’s funny how the inspiration or inclination to write seems to always come at the most inopportune times. Like now, I should be doing the dishes or folding the washing or even starting dinner preparations. But yet here I am. Finger tips rapidly trying to tap letters out in the hope that comprehendible words and sentences will magically form.

Today is Mr Awesome’s birthday.

Not that we got to spend it with him on account of him needing to go to work. Which is not something I really understand. Working and birthdays just doesn’t seem right to me. I suspect that the fact that my mother never made me go to school on my birthday probably has something to do with it. But anyway.

Since we are hanging out in sunny Karratha for the next six weeks. Well actually five weeks now as one week has already passed, I have been treating ourselves to a few little luxuries in the electrical department. 

Though when I say ourselves I basically mean me because by little luxuries in the electrical department I mean things to help me in the kitchen. Like a slow cooker and a little oven. None of which I can show you right now because my phone is still out of action. Which I might add is a never ending source of frustration. I mean surely if I sent it off for repairs on Friday it should be on it’s way back to me by now shouldn’t it?

But I digress.

While Mr Awesome has been busy off working on his birthday I have been slaving away baking up a storm in the cute new little oven. Which is both lovely and not so lovely. Lovely because baking is a lovely way to relax and not so lovely because baking also creates a horrible mess.

The upside to the mess though is hosing off dirty dishes is way more enjoyable than washing them by hand. I am constantly torn by the pros and cons of this gypsy life we are leading.
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