Friday, October 24

Things I Know About Mobile Phones and Not Having One.

It has been some ten days since I was last able to hold a working phone in my hot little hands. 

How I have survived this long I know not. How I am supposed to survive any longer seems almost unimaginable.

For some fifteen years I have been the proud owner of a mobile phone. 

Fifteen years I tell you is a blooming long time to become attached to something. I have seen first hand how the mobile phone transformed from a heavy brick needing it’s own bag to the slip in your top pocket, hold the world in the palm of your hand that it is today.

I had a mobile well before I even had anyone else I could call with a mobile phone. Having a job selling them meant that it was pretty much expected I buy one for myself. Back then I remember going to telecommunication conferences where companies promised that before long our trusty mobiles would become part and parcel of everyday life. They would have the capacity to take photos, store countless contact details and even quite possibly connect to the world wide web. (Which back then was what the internet was more commonly referred to.) I was equally parts dubious about such possibilities as I was in awe. As if video calls will ever be anything more than part of a science fiction movie?

Yet here I am, all those years later. Mourning the death of my very own little piece of science fiction. If only the whole waterproof qualities had been adequately developed by now.

I know that the first few days without my beloved device were much easier than the last few.

I know that public phone boxes are not as easy to locate as what they once where. I wonder if Superman struggles with this as well?

I know that some would say I should embrace this opportunity to live in the moment a little more. 

I know that sometimes having a phone actually helps you survive the moment a little easier. Take today for example. Bather shopping with a teenager. I was forced to sit outside the change room for what felt like hours staring at the blank walls while she tried on endless pairs of bikinis. Having a phone would have eased my burden no end.

I know that in the absence of my phone my beloved followers have missed some of the most mundane moments of my life and I wonder how the will survive. 

I know (or at least like to think) that sharing my relentless battles with motherhood via social media is bound to make at least one person’s day.

I know that sharing my relentless motherhood battles on social media somehow makes it all seem a little less of a battle.

I know I have checked the status repair some seven hundred times in the last few days.

I know the waiting for the return of a new device is driving me insane.

I know that the thought of carrying on into the distant future without a mobile device is unfathomable and impossible to comprehend. It really is a case of life as we know it ceasing to exist.

I know that I love being able to share my woes with the likes of Ann and Grace and their awesome link ups, makes up for some of the attention I have missed out on via social media.

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