Wednesday, October 8

On hold

Well today sees #ouradventureofalifetime put on hold. At least temporarily.

Those avid readers who never miss a post, would have read yesterday about the woes of poor old Patty. His clutch has worn out and needs to be replaced. Along with some bushing and rings though they don’t cost anywhere near as much as the clutch so are all a bit irrelevant.

As it happens the company that Mr Awesome worked for back in Darwin has a branch here in Karratha. And by the miracles of life are in desperate need of a worker over the next few weeks.

See where this is all going?

So as of Monday, for the next six weeks Mr A will be once again gainfully employed. The van park has come to the party and given a slightly cheaper weekly price than the one yesterday but it is still at a higher rate than what we have already paid. Can’t win them all I suppose.

We probably won’t actually be able to save a whole heap of money by staying and working for a while. Unless of course I went and offered my services to the local topless bar but I doubt there are few people interested in looking at my saggy fed three children boobies. Or perhaps they are but my slightly flabby muffin top rolls could prove to be too much of a distraction. 

By having Mr A work for a bit we will however be able to make the leave pay last a little longer. Which is all kinds of good. At the moment Mr A’s leave was due to finish the beginning of November. It will now be put on hold while he works and kick back in when we leave meaning we will get paid till nearly the end of December.

The only real downside to it all is that there is not a lot to actually do in Karratha. And by not a lot I guess I actually mean nothing. Or at least nothing that I know of. Which I guess means the girls will have plenty of time to study and learn. Much to their disappointment of course.

On the whole though I do feel this will be a good thing. It will also give me a chance to catch up on sharing some of my tales with you. Today is day number 81 and I am only as far as writing about day 29 on the blog. I have a few rough notes for the days in-between and far too many blank pages.


The other upside to being put for a bit is that I will have the chance to get my running back on track. Which could possibly mean said flabby excess muffin top rolls may disappear. It could also just mean that I go back to feeling all kinds of smug about being able to call myself a runner. Either way it will justify the new runners I purchased when I was in Darwin the other month. 

Being put for a bit will also give me a chance to get the follow up blood tests that McDreamy requested I get done a month after seeing him. Though just quietly I am a tad reluctant to do so incase they come with bad news. I like having the whole blood clot thing behind me and dread the thought of being on thinners for the rest of my life. Sensible Sally though keeps saying I really should JFDI.

Double sigh.

For now though I will continue to revelling in holiday mode, at least till Monday.

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