Monday, October 27

Not the celebration I was hoping for

Wow! One hundred days just like that. Crazy really to think how time flies. 

I wish that I could say we did something incredibly exciting to mark the event, but we didn’t. 

Both the little girls had a terrible night’s sleep last night. Which means I too experienced minimal rest.

Zany woke up just after midnight and proclaimed her desire to puke. Thankfully she was able to wait until I was able to locate a container to catch the contents of her stomach. After a drink of water she laid back down and drifted off to sleep. I cautiously returned to my bed and tried to do the same.

Between the poor little boy screaming a few van spaces over and a yapping dog down the road somewhere sleep felt rather elusive. It must have come at some point though because the next thing I knew I was moving at the speed of light (or at least as close to it as one can be when still half asleep) to help Teapot find the spew bowl that Zany was cradling. Luckily they share the same bed and Teapot had managed to locate it herself.

After another dash outside to empty the bowl and wash it out, along with another drink of water and a difficult search in the dark for tissues to wipe her mouth with I decided to squeeze myself in the double bed with the girls just in case there was another wake up call.

By this stage I realised that both the child and dog noise from earlier had stopped. Which I found rather comforting. Unfortunately it was short lived and once again I tried to head to the land of nod with my pillow over my head  in a bid to block it all out.

Once again I somehow managed to doze off for a while.

Once again it was all rather short lived and before I knew it the dreaded sound of a child vomiting was all I could here. Sadly this time her aim for the spew bowl was not as good and I was now faced with a small mess on the sheets that needed cleaning.

It was about this time that Zany woke and preceded to tell me not to worry about it all I could just put the spew bowl over the spew and we could all just go back to sleep because she was now feeling much better and wouldn’t be spewing any more tonight.

Uhm how about thanks but no thanks?

From here I sent Zany to my bed and Teapot and I head outside to lay in one of the reclining camp chairs that I was suddenly incredibly thankful to have. 

Though sadly the woes did not end here. However I will refrain from going into too much more detail.

Let’s just say it involved cups of water being worn rather than drunk and over active imaginations thinking that a tree trunk in the distance was actually someone hiding. Eventually all was sorted and sleep was found by everyone. Though given I was outside in a chair with a child on top of me it was not exactly a rejuvenating kind of sleep.

Needless to say today was one filled with tired grumpy people. Which is just perfect for a 40 degree heat day.

The girls spent most of the morning inside watching screens while I baked some cupcakes for the kind lady who had the girls for a few hours yesterday and some egg and bacon pies for us for lunch. Teapot managed to score a few hours sleep and woke five seconds after I lay down to do the same. From there the rest of the day was spent in the air conditioned rec room playing Uno. 

Which was not really as enjoyable as it sounds due to the over tired Zany having a melt down every time she got card she didn’t like.

Bedtime could not come quick enough.

Happy one hundred days!
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