Sunday, August 3

Snapshots of Us - Weeks 25 to 31

Gosh! Talk about along time between drinks. You will of course be forgiven for thinking that this little feature had gone behind the wayside. As you may well be aware there has been more than a lot going on the land of Rhianna.

For those who haven't been playing along since last I shared some Snapshots of Us I have had my kitchen removed. And a new one put in. Not to mention painted a whole heap of walls as well.

I also packed up the shoebox. Which involved a skip, a lawn sale and lots of donations to charity stores with the abundance of crap I seemed to somehow of gathered over the years.

In between all of that we moved Edna the caravan to my mother's driveway and took up residence there. But all of that makes for rather boring photos.

What doesn't make for rather boring photos though is what happened next.

Finally, only a week or so later than hoped for, we began #ouradventureofalifetime.

We have now been on the road for two weeks I still can't get over just how amazingly blessed I currently am.

I mean getting to spend 24/7 with Mr Awesome and the girls is blessing enough.

But in places like this...

Our first campsite at Flora National Park

Flora River
 ... makes it even harder to believe
Exploring Flora, looking for the boat ramp

Driving through a creek bed

Zany enjoying the view

Watching the sun set over El Questro

A beauty surrounded by beauty

Boab tree

Living the dream

El Questro

The view from Kimberleyland, our first stop over in Kunurra.

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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