Tuesday, August 26

Another moving day.

It is hard not to feel cranky on moving days. They are after all part and parcel of being on the road and living the gypsy life.

Moving days all start the same.

Mr Awesome wakes up bright and early and tries his best to encourage everyone else to leave the warmth and comfort of their bed. For me he does this by putting Billy on and making coffee. Which generally works a treat. For the girls it is a little trickier and involves repeatedly asking them to get up and get breakfast. Eventually as the tone in his voice gets less friendlier they relent and drag themselves out.

From there it is all go go.

Everyone has their own jobs and while they should just get on with them they often need a bit of pushing.I look forward to the point in time when they will just do it. I am sure eventually it will come.

As you can imagine leaving this won't be easy

Today we say not only good bye to Kununurra for the final time but also our lovely neighbours.

Bev and Brian arrived at the van park about fifteen minutes after us. Their mates Wyn and Kev about half hour later. They way we all set our areas up an outsider would have assumed that we all knew each other. Our living areas seemed to all face each other and connect up to one big space.

Honestly by the time we left it felt like we had known them forever or at least close to it. They both gave us their addresses so when we are in there neck of the woods we can catch up again. 

I wish that I had of asked to take their photo. I had the opportunity when they asked for ours but yet I just couldn’t find the words. I guess because if I had their photo I would want to share it on the blog and then I would have had to ask them if that was ok. Which in turn would have led to me giving them the address which given they were ex school teachers I just didn’t feel confident about.

My writing confidence has taken a terrible dive of late. I had expected this trip to present me with all kinds of inspirational things to share. Sadly that has not been the case. 

By the time dinner is done and children are in bed it is too cold and I am too tired to think of anything coherent to say. I guess there is still time and with that hope.
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