Tuesday, August 19

I know I shouldn't really complain...

But I really, really want to.

And what's worse I am not even sure I know exactly what it is I want to complain about. I just feel this ridiculous urge to complain. Talks about taking first world problems to the extreme.

When I started this post this morning, some twelve hours ago I might add, I think I was going to complain about my desire for a decent cup of coffee. It is the one thing about #ouradventureofalifetime that I am not loving. Crap coffee.

What my coffee once looked like
To start with it wasn't too bad or noticeable. Possibly because the excitement of the trip actually happening swept me away and I failed to notice I was suddenly sipping on an instant blend rather than my usual frothy capsule goodness. The fact that my coffee has been made by Mr Awesome and patiently waiting for me to arise each and every morning may also have had something to do with.

Seriously having your coffee presented to you as you step out of bed is all kinds of amazing awesome.

This morning however Mr A was not up to his normal quick kettle boiling. Behold the horror as for the first time in nearly a month I faced the prospect of preparing my own hot morning beverage!

Today had been deemed a slow day. One that was so slow there was no rush to get out of bed. Rather than join the birds in watching the sunrise we were allowed to linger under the covers till nearly quarter to eight. Yes that's right I currently live in a world where sleeping in means still being in bed at seven o'clock.

As lovely as it was not being coerced out of bed I was most certainly not a fan of having to put the kettle on myself. Apparently Mr Awesome felt a little under the weather. Now please excuse my lack of sympathy because his little under the weather feeling was completely self induced and involved three ciders and two glasses of red.

All of this tragedy was only amplified when it suddenly occurred to me the reason why my coffee tasted a little off yesterday was because it was Nescafe.

Oh the horror.

I had handled the whole instant coffee thing up until now because it was Robert Timms and he does not do a bad brew. Not a great brew mind you but not bad either.

Sadly we were running low and the middle of nowhere shop that we went to didn't have a lot on offer. In fact it was pretty much a case of Nescafe or International Roast. Yep. Fun times right there.

Picking the lesser of the two evils, or rather the one that did not remind me of my dead father, I went with Nescafe. Apparently it is a choice I may well live to regret for quite a few cups of coffee.

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