Monday, August 25

Playing some catch up

Now I know this is my blog and therefore by rights I can write whatever I feel like without rhyme or reason. However every now and then I feel the need to offer a little explanation as to why I am sharing what I do.

As a regular reader you would be well aware of the whole #ouradventureofalifetime thing. As a newbie you may very be wondering why over the next few days I am sharing what seems like rather boring and mundane journal entries.

When I embarked on #ouradventureofalifetime I promised myself I would write about it each and every day. And by write about it I mean share here. The two are pretty much one and the same in my book at the moment.

As with most things that I think of doing rarely does it turn out that way. Which is why I am playing catch up with my journal. Some days I am so busy living in the moment I just can't find the energy to write about it. Being on holidays and having fun is hard work you know.

Anyways, the further behind I get with the journal the less inclined I am to keep it up. Which may not make me sad today, tomorrow or even next week, but I know it will in months to come. So over the next few days I am playing catch up.

The down side to playing catch up of course is that is a little harder to recall what was actually going on so it is not as detailed as if you were caught up. You can't win them all though so I am just going with the whole something is better than nothing at the moment.

So with out any further ado here is what was going on a few weeks ago.

Aug 5
Today was totally a day of unmemorable events. We did super fun things like did a massive shop of for supplies. Lovely and I checked out the local Target Country store. Found a bargain shop and grabbed a bargain or two.

Again for super exciting things like soap dishes and pegs. Plus a few other things that we had thought we didn't need but actually do.

We even have managed some various school things. Lovely decided she wanted to know more about cane toads and researched them for a bit. This desire to independently learn something thrilled me no end.

Aug 6
Why yes Lovely is a little wet here.
She decided to see what it was like in
the water rather than on top of it 
After much thought today will be our last day in Kununurra. While we are really enjoying it here it is not something that we can feasibly sustain over the long term.  A powered site at the van park is just under $50 a night which means it won’t really take long to gobble through our funds. Thankfully though Western Australia has lots of free camping sites scattered along the roads so we will be able to take advantage of them.

Just between you and me though I think the real reason we decided to stay for another night here was to have another chance at using the inflatable boats. We had so much fun the other day on them that while they were up and we were near water it seemed only right to take them out again.

Naturally though not as much fun was had the second time round. Which didn’t really surprise me, in fat I was almost expecting as much but I persevered in getting us out there anyway.

For whatever reason Mr Awesome elected to stay on shore. This meant that Lovely and Zany had the canoe and I took Teapot in the boat. The boat which I must admit I struggle to manoeuvre in anything other than circles. Which is perhaps why less than fun times were had.

It wasn’t long before the girls had had enough and joined Mr A on the banks kicking back watching the world pass them by. I on the other hand jumped in the canoe and paddled myself around for a bit longer. All the while imaging that I was powering through the water like some elite athlete.

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