Tuesday, August 12

Back to Kununurra we go

Today we farewell the magnificent Cockburn Ranges. Watching them change colour throughout the day was more entertaining than words can describe. I guess it is one of those in the moments things. 

I will be sad to be leaving such a beautiful place but the comfort of knowing there is more beauty awaiting to be discovered spurs me on. Well that and the fact we have all but run out of food. 

Ok that is a slight exaggeration. 

We have run out of fresh fruit and aside from a few potatoes and far too many carrots we have no fresh veggies either. Neither of which makes the children overly sad of course. Until they realise the only options left are rice and tinned tuna.

At one point we had planned to head to Wyndham today but after chatting to a few other travellers we doubt there will be a shop big enough for us to get supplies. The new plan is to go back to Kununurra and restock from there.

This time we are going to live on the dangerous side of life and try a new caravan park. Before we left Mr Awesome signed us up with a range of membership clubs for caravan parks so we decided to give one of them a try. Why we never thought of this a week ago is beyond me.

There was only one van park in town that we could find that was affiliated with any of our membership things so there was no need for us to make a decision.

This view was about all of ten meters away
from Edna's kitchen window
Our new home was situated on the banks of Lake Kununurra and I once again found myself totally in love. While even after discounts it may have worked out to have cost us a couple of extra dollars than Kimberlyland it was all kinds of awesome and well worth the extra pennies. There was a concrete slab for our chairs and awning which pretty much equated to luxury.

Initially I was fearing the return to civilisation and all that I thought it would bring. The difference to Lovely without mobile and internet coverage is just beyond amazing. She is like a whole new person. Actually she is like the girl I lost a year or so ago when she began to be connected.

Surprisingly, so far and touch wood, she has not returned to her old I-must-stare-at-my-screen-at-all-time ways once the internet came back. Sure there have been a few moments when she was staring at her screen rather than doing as she had been asked but all things considered there was not much I could really complain about.

Being able to paddle out amongst this was kinda cool
I am still totally loving where we are currently staying. It is quite and relaxing, yet full of everything that we could ask for. Well apart from channel 7 reception so Mr A could watch the footy. The Commonwealth games are on though so he could at least watch some kind of sport. Though the netball over the mens hockey grand final did not exactly please him.

 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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