Friday, August 29

Things I Know that are making me go FFS

Taking a break from my recounts of #ouradventureofalifetime to share a few things I know that are making me go FFS at the moment.

Like rubbish bin trucks that go through caravan parks before for the crack of dawn - FFS.

Given that caravan parks are generally a place people on holidays go and all shouldn't they be a bit later on in the day when it comes to noisy rubbish removal? Not all residents are oldies that wake up with the birds you know.

Our current home looks remote and isolated
but remember lookscan be deceiving.
I know that the noise level of my current neighbours are well and truly doing my head in. Damo across the road sat up boozing with his mate till nearly 11pm the other night FFS. And the two old guys either side of us have taken to returning home from fishing at around nine. Their great big 4WD vehicles do not exactly quietly purr you know. Don't this people know the rubbish truck will be round in the morning? FFS

Yes that's right I am complaining about noise keeping me awake at ridiculously early times because suddenly my night owl tendencies have disappeared and come eight o'clock it is starting to feel way past my bed time FFS.

Which of course leaves little to no time to write or blog or do anything without children hanging off me because eight o'clock is only just after their bed time FFS.

Though my caravan park woes will temporarily be put on hold tonight as I am flying home for my six month check up on my blood clot. This is a combined FFS but not FFS.

I can feel all kinds of ridiculous anxieties building up about the whole thing FFS

Mind you I don't have to cook dinner for the ever hungry children. No FFS. Mind you the fact that they ALWAYS seem to be telling me they are hungry, even five minutes after they have just stuffed their face, is a total FFS. Apparently all this fresh air and sunshine has given them hollow legs FFS.

I know that given all the awesome I have been experiencing of late I should let a few little things make me go FFS but I just can't help it. It probably has to do with the fact that stupid Aunty Flow stopped in for a visit the other day. The same day we headed to the beach actually. FFS. Probably far too much information but I am not a fan of tampons in any shape or form but especially not super sized ones on the first day of a ridiculously heavy flow (thank you very much blood thinners) Beyond FFS.

Oh and while I am bitching and carrying on crap internet connections drive me batty FFS. No internet connection in the middle of no where I can deal with. A crap connection in a largish town is not cool at all FFS.

I know that I have probably stamped my feet and carried on enough for one day now. I feel slightly better for it as well so thanks for listening. Mind you the fact that when I get off here I have to go and tackle the washing and sort out Edna ready for moving day tomorrow makes me what to get back into  screaming FFS.


Joining in with Ann for TIK and Sarah for FFS
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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