Friday, August 8

Happy ten year Anniversary to Mr Awesome and I!

And just between you and me I couldn’t think of a more lovelier place to celebrate it than alongside the the Pentecost River with the Cockburn Ranges as the back drop. Sure there will be no recommitment ceremony or party as I originally thought we would for this momentous occasion but it turns out I am more than ok with that.

This is day two at Home Valley Station and I am just loving it. This is exactly what I signed up for.

 In a bid to escape the crowds we elected to stay at the riverside campsite and in the generators allowed section. We are already working out that old Jenny is not necessarily appreciated by many so we figured that fewer people will be found where they are permitted. 

This meant we pretty much had the entire section to ourselves while up to ten other groups crammed in together on the other side. Totally winning.

As much as we had decided to be as far away as possible from the main homestead today being such a special day and all we figured it would be a good excuse to hang by the pool and go to dinner at the restaurant. It also provided me with the opportunity to catch up with some much over due washing.

Being the tropical kind of people that we are though and the weather being a good five degrees or more cooler than what we are acclimatised to the swimming part didn’t last too long. There was however a lovely playground that the children were happy to make good use of.

Dinner turned out to be a surprisingly expensive experience but this surprise may also have been on account of us not actually dining out all that often. Initially I was disappointed by the fact that kangaroo was not available that day. There was a rather deliciously sounding roo salad I was keen to try. My second choice was to have the barramundi, which normally I don’t do when eating out. Having had many a fresh caught one cooked at home rarely is it done better. This however was one of the rare occasions and oh my goodness it was just about the best tasting fish I have ever had the pleasure to put between my lips.

The real highlight of the night was the drive home. Not only did we get to see some wild dingoes on the road but the two little ones fell asleep on the way meaning there was no bed time fights! Which meant Mr Awesome and I had plenty of time to stare at the Milky Way and look for shooting stars.

Happy Anniversary indeed.
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