Sunday, August 31

The Domes and Cathedral Gorge

Some of the dome rocks
After a wonderful day yesterday exploring Echidna Chasm today we planned to head to the other side of Purnululu National Park and check out Cathedral Gorge, Picanniny Creek and The Domes. 
I quite liked the idea of exploring Picanniny Gorge because the word picanniny reminds me of my dear old dad. After such a great day yesterday it seemed only natural that today would be as equally wonderful.

Of course what seems like being only natural and what actually occurs can often be to vastly different things. 

As was the case today.

Now before I goo too much further I must point out that as I type it is now the some twenty days after the event, so my recollection of events are a little faded. I do remember when we left camp in the morning I was what some might call a little grumpy. Others, might call it easily irritated or in a bad mood. 

More Domes
The morning had been one of constant bickering between everyone and I had just had enough. I was sick and tired of playing peace keeper for everyone and I was over listening to the ridiculous complaints that I was being bombarded with.

You know the ones, she looked at me the wrong way, the wind blew a leaf in my direction, I don’t want to drink my cereal milk, I don’t even want milk on my cereal. Blah, blah, blah.

Despite being determined not to let it get to me eventually it did.

Looking in to the back of the cathedral
The straw that broke the camel’s back, or rather snapped the mother’s mood, was when Lovely threw a little ball of sand in my direction. It crumbled near my shoulder and it subsequently led my own pathetic crumbling. 

I completely overreacted and blew my top. I then preceded to storm off towards the car, which naturally was quite a distance away. The tour group got an unexpected extra show that day.

After about fifteen minutes the two bigger girls had managed to catch up to me. It turns out that storming off over a rocky path through a gorge does not exactly make for a quick getaway.

Being the mature and sensible mother that I am, I continued to ignore their presence for a little longer. Though in my defence I was certain if I broke my silence I would have said words so unkind I would only have exasperated the situation only further.

At the back of the cathedral looking out
The silent treatment worked a treat though because the girls well and truly got the message that I had had more than enough. The rest of the day they managed to be as nice as pie to each other.

Interestingly enough it was about this time that I stopped regularly writing about our days. After some rather intense self loathing about it all though I have managed to come to terms with the fact that not every day will be a paradise. As much as we may be on holidays we are also still living our lives and kids will be kids.

Just like mum’s will be mum’s and occasionally lose the plot. Even when they are on an adventure of a lifetime.

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