Tuesday, August 5

Days five to eleven

Day five.

So my writing every day has not exactly gone to plan. Which I am sure does not actually come as a surprise to anyone who knows me even a little.

It is currently day six and I have just written up day four. Clearly not all that much of a tragedy but I had expected to fall behind a bit later than this.

Crazily though as much as it has only been a day or two without writing I can barely recall exactly what we have done. Obviously my mind has had no troubles settling into holiday mode. In fact I have struggled to even recall what day it is.

View of Kununurra from a lookout just outside of town

Day Eleven.

So it’s been a while between drinks (posts). The whole writing every day thing has turned out to be a bit beyond my capabilities. When last we met it was day six and I was catching up on days four and five. Though I only got as far as a few paragraphs into day five before I was forced to make small talk with the mothers of some kids that Zany had befriended. Yes I know forced sounds a bit harsh but sometimes I feel that the whole human interaction thing to be a bit exhausting

On this particular occasion Zany had decided that she wanted to go back to the swimming pool with a boy that she had met there earlier in the day when Mr A had given me a bit of shush time and taken the girls for a swim. Despite just having settled down for some writing time I reluctantly agreed to escort her. I figured that could take the lappy down there and kill two birds with the one stone.

As it turned out that when we got there my mind went blanker than blank and I was unable to recall any events from the previous days. Though there were a small series of events that unnerved me  as I was setting myself up that may have had something to do with it. 

Things like when I dragged the plastic table over to the shade it lost two of it’s legs which meant it then became unbalanced. Which would not have been such an issue if I wasn’t juggling the lappy and a plastic cup of cider all while wearing a big floppy hat that greatly reduced my eyesight. Needless to say I managed to lose half my drink and a small amount of pride as I was certain that all in the area were watching and highly amused.

It just so happened the women that I was *forced* talk to (because despite trying to write I was the only that had been able to regularly keep track of where the children where hiding) were actually quite lovely and at various stages of adventures similar to ours. We ended hanging out at one of their vans later that afternoon to exchange tales and I was pleasantly reminded that despite being exhausting the whole human interaction thing was more often than not quite worth the effort.

Zany clearly does not share my feelings on making new friends and meeting people as she is constantly putting herself out there and chatting to anyone that will listen or pay her the slightest bit of attention. Teapot is much the same though a little slower of the mark and has told me a few times that she is actually a little shy. This is also short lived and before long you would thing she has known her new friends forever. When we left our campsite this morning she actually got a tad upset about the prospect of not seeing her friends, the kids from the next site over again.

Lovely on the other hand would not talk to a stranger if her life depended on it. The other night her and I went to an information night that was held at the station where we were staying. Halfway through this lovely young man child came and asked if the empty seat next to her was taken. Based on the look on her face I thought she was going to hyperventilate. Smiling at him I shook my head and told him he was welcome to sit with us.

Before long he started trying to make some small talk about how long we had been there for and what we had done that day. Turns out he had seen us during our gorge walk earlier that day. In order to break the uncomfortable silence that followed each question I felt obliged to answer. Lovely told me afterwards she didn’t feel the need to answer because I got in first but I really doubt that was the case. I joked me needing to leave the moment he sat down and the look in her eyes was one of pure fear.

Though truth be told gorgeous young boys from Switzerland are not really the friends I want to encourage her to be making. But that is probably just the over protective mother in me wanting to preserve my child's innocence forever coming out. While I didn’t find our his age he did seem a few years older than her and obviously a lot more confident and probably experienced if you know what I mean.

For now though I must leave it here. The sun has begun it’s descent and dinner needs to be cooked. 
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