Monday, August 4

Day Four

We tried to be up at the crack of dawn this morning in the hope of an early get away. Mr Awesome had hoped that we were on the road by 8 which I took as meaning 8.30. In reality it was a bit before 10 before we were on our way. 

Originally after Flora we were going to stay at Gregory National Park for a few days only our fresh food supply didn’t appear as if it was going to last long enough. Also another camper (one of the few that we saw I might add) mentioned that there had been a death in the area recently. So we powered on to Kununarra. Which also meant time to cross the border into Western Australia. This thought excited the girls no end.

I however was not as excited about the prospect. The distance was a fair bit greater than what I wanted to travel in one day. Mr Awesome tried to compensate by going faster only that made me rather uneasy as well. Turns out that day I had my fun spoiler pants on.

Thanks to the time difference between the states we turned our watches back by an hour and a half when we crossed over. This meant that despite our late departure we still arrived in the early afternoon.

Being the creature of habit that I am we decided to stay Kimberleyland Caravan park. A place that is familiar to us from the last time we were in the neighbourhood (about three years ago). The views across the Lake are kinda amazing and it is super kid friendly.

Once we were set up it was time to make a mad dash down to the local supermarket to gather some supplies for dinner. Cooking was the last thing on my mind but apparently even when on holidays the kids still expect to be fed.

Tonight’s cooking was particularly tricky because it was a one pot wonder. Mr Awesome had made the executive decision that we were not unpacking our entire kit and caboodle so all I had was a single gas burner and one pot to sort dinner. Thankfully Zany is a super thinker and suggested gold old spag bol.

Even though I had been here before I had totally forgotten that the sun sets ridiculously early. And by that I mean around six o’clock. The girls must all be running on a body clock that aligns with the sun because shortly after it went down every one was ready for bed. Early nights for the win though.
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