Tuesday, May 27

A blogging conundrum

Given my looming assignment deadline, working most nights and the expectation people have of a clean house and food regularly put on the table, not to mention clean clothes and what have you, I wasn't expecting to actually sit down and write a post for IBOT this week. Only when I came home from work and discovered two children not sleeping like they were supposed to be, blogging seemed like the only sensible way to deal with the situation so here I am.

The alternative was to give into their demands or rather hopes and snuggle up next to them and drift off to the land of nod with them. Which while sounds rather pleasant and appealing it is not nearly as wonderful as actually drifting in the comfort of my own bed.

Thanks to the joys of being a laptop owner I was able to sit on the end of the bed while they drifted off to sleep and try and tap out a few words of wisdom to share with you all. Naturally though those words failed me and I found myself heading towards Candy Crush in a bit to pass whatever elusive level I am currently stuck on.

By the time all children were finally sleeping though I had become so attached to the idea of actually blogging I just had to sit and give it another go.

Which is where I am now.

Desperately wanting to try and say something but not entirely sure of what that something is.

Due to my overwhelming feeling of commitments and a serious lack of hours in a day I have not been pulling my weight in terms of being a good blogger. And by being a good blogger I mean sharing all the comment love that makes blogging the awesome past time that it is.

In fact I am yet to even leave a comment on the wonderful thankers who joined in Thankful Thursday last week. Which makes me all kinds of sad. (I promise I will get there very soon ladies, I have read them all just not left a note to say so.)

All of this has left me wondering if I really should be spending this time right now writing away. Aside from all the other things I should be doing in real life there feels like a gazillion things I should be doing in the blogosphere as well before I let myself have the privilege of writing a post. If I don't have the time to read and comment do I really have the right to write?

But the thing is...

...there is a part of me that just has to drop everything and write.

It is almost as if the only way my brain is able to take stock of all that is before me, is if I stop and ramble on a bit here first. It is like a downloading of clarity if you will.

As a wise woman and friend pointed out to me I always have the right to write, we all do. However it is the right to link up and join in the community that is questionable.

Actually she never said the last bit but I felt it was implied and feel it to be quite true as well.

But the other thing is...

...as much as I need to just write I also need to feel that at least a few people have read whatever I have written and without linking up and joining a community that often never happens.

Oh the conundrums of being a blogger.

Ironically in a bid to seek some answers I am joining in with Jess for #IBOT.

So tell me how you feel about reading, writing and joining in with links

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