Friday, May 2

Things I Know About My Favourite Movie

Despite my current employment being in a video store I am not really that into movies. Having three children and an addiction to blogging means I have little to no time spare to actually sit around and watch too many movies these days. Though even before the bearing of offspring watching movies has never really taken my fancy.

Having said that though there are a few that pop into mind when I am asked if I have a favourite, most of which just happen to star Hugh Grant. If I were to be pressed to narrow it down to just the one I think I would probably go with Love Actually. Though About A Boy does come in at a very close second. The only difference being I think the soundtrack to the former wins over the latter.

I know that it has been far too long since I last watched Love Actually.
I know that I do love me a good love story, and Love Actually is most definitely a good love story.

Us setting off on our maiden voyage

I know that as I am typing this I am sitting in a caravan park under the awning of out new caravan, revelling in the joy that is camping with electricity.
I know that because of this concentrating on the topic at hand is easier said that done.
I know that I will be heading round to all the other participants in Clairey's blog every day in May challenge after we return home from our weekend away.
I know that just because there is wifi available it doesn't mean I have to use it (all the time).

I know that this post will be a double whammy and join in with Things I Know over at Help I'm Stuck.
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