Tuesday, May 6

In ten years time I will be...

A whopping forty six years old! Which quite frankly just doesn't seem right. Not that I am saying forty six is old but I just struggle to imagine myself as that old. Mind you I also couldn't imagine myself as thirty something year old either, yet here I am.

In ten years time Lovely will in her early twenties and I would like to think moved out of home. Not because I want to get rid of her but because I think that is just the way it should go. Children should move out when they become adults it is all part of the process.

Zany will just be shy of eighteen and if she has completed her final year of high school, then I will be expecting her to move out as well. Leaving just the little Teapot at home for a few more years. All of which right now my little brains struggles to comprehend. I guess it all has to do with living in the moment.

I would like to think that in ten years I will have had at least one book published. Hopefully more. In fact I hope that within the next ten years something miraculous happens and I am a regularly well paid writer.

As much as I love our shoebox sized home, mainly because it is the first property that we owned, in ten years time I hope that it looks a little different with some major renovations having taken place. If the older two have moved out as planned then living in the two bedroom town house won't be so bad. But given how rarely my plans go into fruition I hope in ten years time we have added to our property portfolio.

Perhaps a small mansion type thing over looking some water and surrounded by natural bush land should just about do the trick.

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Alternatively we could just live on the open road and be eternal gypsies, which I must admit is pretty darn enticing. Have I mentioned how excited I am for #ouradventureofalife?


At the end of the day though as long as Mr Awesome is still by my side and my beautiful girls are still happy and healthy then little else will matter to me. Be it in ten days, ten years or even longer, they are the thing that will matter the most for always and ever.

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