Thursday, May 1

Blog Everyday In May with Clairy Hewitt - Day One

In some ways full of nothing, in others overflowing, that's the best way to describe today.
Lots of time at home chatting and just hanging with Lovely.
Some blog reading, commenting and sharing, after all it is Thankful Thursday.
A few hours at work, not overly busy but filled with laughter and giggles.
Home again home again jiggity jig, to sit and talk of plans that are big.
Some late night reading of my favourite blogs, led to a challenge I just couldn't turn down.
To blog every day in the month of May with the ever so lovely Clairey Hewitt.

The first prompt for Clairey's challenge was to describe your day in 100 words.
I was beyond surprised when I checked my count and came in at exactly 100

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