Wednesday, May 21

Thankful Thursday - More of the same

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Today I am again finding myself thankful for something, or rather someone, that I know I have been thankful for in past. Though unlike last week it is not Mr Awesome (mind you he does still rate pretty highly in the thankful stakes).

This week the thing that I give most of my thanks for is being able to spend time with my most darling little sister and her even more darling son.

As a regular reader you would know that they pretty much live at the opposite end of the country to what I do. Something that pains me no end as it means my time with them is always so limited.

Flying the five of us anywhere is near on impossible due to the ghastly expense and it is not necessarily that much easier for them to just pop up here when the mood suits. Which makes the times that they do drop on by even more special.

A gift from my sister a few years ago
In light of our up coming adventure of a lifetime (which I promise I will write more about soon for those wanting to know more details), my sister thought it would be good to catch up before we depart. If my non planning goes to plan we should be her way in six months or so but quite frankly neither of us could wait that long so I am stoked she could squeeze this visit in.

Growing up I had no aunties or uncles nearby. Which I must admit I didn't like all that much. While I might not have known exactly what I was missing out on, school yard chatter was enough to make me know that I was missing out.

Seeing the joy that the girls get out of spending time with their aunties, uncles and cousins confirms that yes I did miss out growing up without extended family and makes me treasure every moment they get to spend with theirs.

Other thanks this week goes to

- Agent Mystery Case for casing me
- my new running watch and being able to work out how to get it to talk to my computer (which believe me was no easy feat)
- Lovely showing signs that my beautiful girl is still hidden amongst the angsty teen she likes to portray
- each night when I put Zany to bed her telling me that she thinks I am the best mum ever
- more goodies arriving in preparation for our trip
- being able to easily find new shoes for the girls

Now you...

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