Wednesday, May 14

Thankful for Mr Awesome

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Once again Thursday sees me being thankful for something that involves Mr Awesome.

Though just between you and me I actually wrote those words nearly two years ago. They are however incredibly true for this week as well. Why I didn't get to finish the post two years ago I do can not remember, I guess life or something like it got in the way. The rest of the post, or at least the rest of what I had written, went a little like this.

This week we very quietly celebrated eight years of wedded bliss.  When I say very quietly I mean we did nothing.  When I say wedded bliss I mean absolute joy and happiness that comes from starting each and every day with the one you love.

And that's it.
Me and the man himself
Thankfully though there is so much more that I can add today.

Well there was so much more that I could have added then but time just never seemed to permit me the opportunity then. I have actually gone to give thanks for him on a few other occasions since then but never actually got the post out on account of worrying you may be sick of me harping on about how I got beyond lucky in the husband department.

Last month I started a post about him and then thought I would give thanks not just to Mr Awesome but all the awesome men out there, because I am certain there are others, only it was about the same time that a father killed his son and there was a lot of domestic violence talk in the  media and it just didn't seem quite right.

Today however I am so overwhelmed with his awesomeness I can not hold back.

As much as this post is spurred by his support in me purchasing ridiculously expensive goods;

My beautiful new boots and jacket, both of which make me
feel beyond a million dollars
it is also about an unwavering and constant support in every little thing that I set out to do. Regardless of how achievable or ridiculous it may actually be or even turn out to be. While he may at times suggest I don't proceed with whatever I hair brain idea I have come up with, rarely is it that he will actually stop me (or even try to) from proceeding. He is never one to stand there and say I told you so or anything similar either.

If I succeed, he cheers and encourages me to do more.
If I fall down, he helps me back up again.
If I am unsure, he encourages me.
If I am scared or sad, he comforts me.

Everything that he does, is with my best interest and thought in mind. Always has been and I am relatively confident that it always will be. 

I really can not even begin to explain just how blessed I feel to have him in my life. He is a dream come true.

He is selfless, committed, beyond understanding, supportive, loving, compassionate, giving, thoughtful, honestly the list could be endless but I think by now you are starting to get the picture. 

He is the type of man that every parent hopes their daughter will marry. I am so, so, so very thankful that he is the man I got to marry.

So Mr Awesome, thank you for being you, my rock and central force. Without you I dread to think where I might be.
So tell me, what are you thankful for this week?

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