Wednesday, May 7

I once had a mentor...

Actually I haven't, not ever.

Which not only makes me a bit sad but for a super boring blog post as well.

Ok it makes me a lot sad. It seems that having a mentor means you achieve greatness or at least improve yourself in a great way. Needless to say not having one makes me wonder what greatness I may have achieved...

I have never had a high flying career or soared way above my potential. In fact sometimes I wonder if I have even ever come close to reaching a potential. Which is all pretty disheartening I can tell you.

I suppose if I really scrape the barrel I could come up with a teacher in year ten who guided me through some public speaking and debating competitions. I looked up to her with great admiration and she inspired me to write some wonderful speeches. But on the whole it was all very fleeting and before long she had left the school and I was once again left to my own devices.

Then there was another teacher in years eleven and twelve who gave me some rather encouraging feedback on my writing, but again I feel like I am clutching at straws. He was probably just doing his job more than actually mentoring.


Joining in still with Clairey's challenge

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