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Digital Parents Blog Carnival - April 2014

Hello and welcome to the Digital Parents Blog Carnival for April. Showcasing some of the greatest hits from Digital Parents bloggers.

It makes me feel all kinds of special to be hosting this month and I hope you enjoy popping round and reading these fantastic posts.

So without any further ado let's get into in

What Mum's Really Want for Mother's Day  
by Nikki at The Kids Menu
As much as I love being a Mum and the coloured pasta necklaces I get each year, there are a few things I'd really like for Mother's Day...
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A Case of Mothers Guilt 
by Toni at Finding Myself Young
My reasoning behind posting pictures of my daughter on my blog and the inevitable mummy guilt I still feel about it.

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Why we should be careful what we say to our kids 
by Emily at Have A Laugh On Me
Remember to choose your words carefully today, they could have a profound impact on a little person.

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The Wintry Side of the Equation 
by Meg at Mumdanity
All about the wintry slide into the casseroles, football scarves and lacklustre-laundry months.

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Four Minutes Away 
by Angie at The Little Mumma
When an unspeakable tragedy occurs just minutes from your home, how is it that the earth does not shift beneath your very feet?

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3 Things I have discovered since becoming a Mum 
by Monique at Your Cheeky Monkey
I am writing about 3 things no-one really tells you before you have kids of your own.

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The Placenta & The Pomegranate Tree 
by Talia at the Climbing Tree
What did you do with your placenta after your baby was born? The story of planting one under a pomegranate tree & the hope that fills us as it gives life again!

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What It Means to be Mummy 
by Michelle at They call me Mummy
Being Mummy isn't all rainbows and unicorns and not ALL the moments are Instagram worthy.

Motherhood is gritty and tough and oftentimes lonely. But then that moment comes - the one that gives you clarity and you realise that there's no name you'd rather be called than, "Mummy".

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When Her Heart Stopped Beating {Trigger Warning}
by Eva at The Multitasking Mummy
It's an aspect of pregnancy that is not often spoken about, but I decided to share my miscarriage experience, my emotions and my perspectives. I know there are others that will relate.

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Sleepless in Sydney
by Suzy at Rugrat Rodeos
Domestic standards have dropped dramatically in response to a sharp surge in sleep debt: to which everyone in the vicinity is making contributions..

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The Bikini Bridge - and the Beauty of Hindsight 
by Lizzy at The Muddle-Headed Mamma
A post that question what it truly means to be beautiful.

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This one time, at band camp 
by Bron at Maxabella loves
The night I went to band camp as a parent "yelper".

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The Power of No 
by Lydia at Where the Wild Things Were
Why parents shouldn't demand the world to change for the sake of their children. Parents should start to parent and say NO when they need to.

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Art is in the Eye of the Holder 
by Pinky Poinker
Do you hate it when your child comes home with paint all over their school uniform?

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Coming Soon 
by Malinda at My Brown Paper Packages
An exciting new feature is coming to My Brown Paper Packages. Every Friday I feature a guest who shares their top five favourite things. 

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My Crafty Corner: Seeing Double! 
by Becci at Becci's Domestic Bliss
After over a years work hooking away I have finally finished two beadspread sized Granny Patchwork blankets for my youngest two!
The are wrapt!

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Preparing for a weeks holiday 
Lisa at No Excuses!
Holidaying away with a large family requires lots of planning, preparation and packing. This upcoming weekend, the No Excuses household are heading off for a week away with another large sized family ~ there will be 9 of us and 10 of them.

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Labeling Mental Health Versus Thyroid 
by Pamela at Thyroid Living
How easily a thyroid issue can be mistaken as a mental illness. 

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Easter Egg Hunt 2014 
by Tonya at The Crafty Mummy
I know Easter is over for another year, but I shared my kids Easter Egg Hunt on the blog complete with the printable puzzle and clues, so this is one to pin for next year!

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You had a bad day 
by Emily at You Learn Something New Everyday
You had a bad day. I had a bad day. Let's sing our bad day blues away with a rewrite of Daniel Powter's classic hit - you guessed it - BAD DAY.

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A series of A-words: Part 1 
by Mike at YDad
A new path on the parenting journey begins with a series of A-words.

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8 Signs You Are a Fun Loom Parent 
by Mandy at Barbie Bieber and Beyond - Raising Girls
With these little rubber bands invading my home and multiplying seemingly all on their own by the thousands, here are my 3 sure signs that the Fun Loom has taken over your life as a parent.

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Birthday Boating Bonanza 
by Larni at The Poppy Files
Our daughter Poppy's third birthday coincided with Easter Saturday and our family spent valuable time together boating, celebrating her birthday and enjoying goodies from Easter Bunny.

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The Five Minute Chat 
by Sophie at The Mother Load
A little post about a nightly ritual which I hope will remain in our house for many years to come.

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Riding in cars with kids 
by Sam at A Life on Venus
Tips and tricks for riding in cars with kids

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The Stories of Our Post-Baby Flesh 
by Danielle at Keeping Up With The Holsbys
After seeing an ad for a 'Mummy Makeover' nip/tuck I was moved to interview and photograph mums to find out about their body image. 

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Confessions of the not yet famous 
by Alison at Talking Frankly
We've all got skeletons, but most of us aren't famous enough for them to matter. Right?

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7 annoying phrases on my "stop saying that" list
by Denise at Adventures in freelancing
7 annoying phrases I've promised myself I won't use anymore, including "wow", "amazeballs" and "I killed it".

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How to make a superhero cape 
by Kylie at The Thrifty Issue
How to make a superhero cape from any movie, book or whatever your kids can dream up.

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How to let go of mother guilt
by Kylie at SavvyMumma
Mother guilt is hard to let go of, but you are doing a good job and here are ways to help you learn to let go and be happy.

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29 Ways To Make Money 
by Kylie at Kylie Ofiu
29 ways I have made money from a kid when I got paid to swim, right through to being an at home mum now.

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Sausage Rolls (Potato Pastry) 
by Tara at Gluten Free Hart
Road Testing Sausage Rolls using Potato Pastry. All gluten free & all yum.

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5 reasons why it's OK to wobble 
by Kathy at Yinyangmother
If you seek balance be prepared to wobble. Wobbling shows that you're trying, that you care, and that you are prepared to keep trying even when you look silly.

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And last but not least my own favourite post from April, about running and breathing
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Digital Parents Blog Carnival

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