Wednesday, November 28

Thursday Thanks

For nearly as long as I can remember blogging on a Thursday has been a day of thanks. Largely in part to Kate who says stuff. She used to host a Thankful Thursday linky that I would almost religiously join in.

There were a couple of things that attracted me to Thankful Thursday. The first being the fact the whole being grateful and looking on the positive side is right down my alley. Because let's face it there are some many things that I have been blessed with. We all have, it is just a matter of looking.

The next reason I loved joining in was the awesome community feeling and sharing. It warmed my heart no end reading all the wonderful things that people found to be thankful for. It was like a great big pot of warm and fuzzy. Just what was needed to get through the final days of a long week.

My final reason for being so infatuated with Thankful Thursday is slightly egotistical. It was a great way to boost my hits. What can I say I am a numbers girl

Anyway regular readers will have noticed that it has been a rather long time since I took the time to be thankful. In fact it was way back at the start of the month where I gave thanks to my awesome hairdresser. Since then I have had plenty of things to be thankful I just haven't made the time to share them here.

There are a few reasons for this. The main one being that Kate no longer hosts the linky. She has passed it on to the lovely ladies at We Heart Life Well we all know how I feel about change at times and for some reason I just can't seem to go with this change. I can't even seem to explain why it doesn't feel right to me. Just one of those crazy crack pot notions that gets caught between my ears sometimes.

Regular readers will also know that I am a linky junkie. I try and link up as much as I can, I don't know how else to get myself out there. For the most part it works well for me, in that I can see more readers on the days I join in but it also means I have to spend a lot of time sharing the linky love. Which I do enjoy, especially when I have all the time in the world to sit and read countless blog posts. It is just that time seems harder and harder to come by.

Something had to give and unfortunately for Thursday it was giving thanks.

Only today I had an epiphany.

I could still do a post of thanks on a Thursday just not link it up! Ingenious hey?

So here we are, with my new, non linked Thursday thanks.

This week I am thankful that

  • I seem to have a few more readers than normal
  • school is nearly over for the year
  • Miss 6 was very understanding when the toothfairy didn't come as expected
  • I went and tried a new playgroup
  • the snot from last week seems to have eased of quite a bit
  • Mr Awesome never complains about my lack of housekeeping
  • it appears as if I may have enough frequent flyer points for a one way trip to Sydney. In March no less, around the time of a certain DPCON13. Totally excited to say the least, now just need to get a flight home and the conference ticket. (Hint hint lovely sponsor waiting to throw money at me)
What about you? 
What are you thankful for?

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