Sunday, November 18

Instagram Weekly

It might be late but it is still Sunday and that means it is time to share the week that was on Instagram. So without further ado

Monday saw me just chilling in the park watching the clouds float on by. Made even better by the fact I go to watch said clouds with the company of the rather awesome Essentially Jess

I do love a good flower photo. I also love that I have these beauties growing in my back garden.

Monday night we went and watched some baby flat back turtles crawl across the sand and head for the sea. This incredibly awesome. Especially since I was able able to get three posts out of the experience.
They are here, here and here incase you missed them.

As you can see I really went all out with trying to get turtle coverage.

And back to clouds. This time of year there are always great clouds floating on by.

Miss Two went to the trouble of making sure the washing wasn't going to fall off the line

Saturday morning saw me in dire need of coffee. It really does make a difference.

Saturday night was Mr Awesome's work's Christmas party. It was a quite affair with some bowling, dinner and a few drinks. Mr Awesome and I got our superhero on to make the most of the night.

Joining in with Tina and the gang for


  1. Looks like a beautiful week. Envy your clod gazing with Jess .

  2. Love the socks :) looks like a fab week!!!

  3. Hahaha love the coffee collage, very funny!
    And the turtles - how cool is that?! Amazing.
    Thanks for sharing x

  4. I love those turtle photos, what a great thing to have witnessed!


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