Friday, November 23

What makes a blogging superstar?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my blogging. I guess being a blogger and all that is not overly surprising. A blogger should be thinking a lot about blogging. The very nature of the act leads one to do so.

What I mean is, the last few days, weeks even, I have been paying more attention to my blogging outcomes and interactions. I know that all comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt, after all no two blogs are the same. I can't help but notice some blogs seem to attract more than others. Naturally I want to be in the more rather than less, deep down who wouldn't?

deep breath, slight choke, leading to a sigh

I have been at this whole blogging and Internet writing for quite some time. Like years. And years. This blog only dates back to 2008 but I do have a few things around the place that date back to 2007.

I worry that maybe I have peaked and somehow missed it all.

But then I remember how much I really want to be a writer. Not just a writer that is so, purely and simply because they write on a regular basis. That is not why I write. I write because I want people to read my words. I want to share and to connect.

I want much more than that as well. I want to inspire and bring hope. Let others know they are not along and all that. I want to spread love and laughter and bring happiness wherever I can. Really I just want it all.

Yet for some reason it just doesn't seem to be. And I can't help but ask why.
Deep deep down though I know I don't really need to ask, the answer is one I know only to well.

For as much effort as I put into to creating the wonder that is A Parenting Life I should be happy with the outcomes because really they are equal. If I want a greater outcome then it only stands to reason that I need to put in a greater effort.

I just want need to make sure that the effort is in the right direction and that is where in all my problems lay. How does one work out something like that?
Please feel free to offer any suggestions that you may have.

In the mean time I will keep ploughing through the some five hundred posts that are floating around here. I can't really explain why or how but for some reason I feel that the answers I am searching may be lurking in there.

Mind you some of what I have read already have made me shudder and wonder what was I thinking, others have made me give myself a pat on the back just for having a go and others have filled me with hope. If you subscribe to my Facebook or Google+ pages you will be privy to me sharing all my favourite ones.

Or you could of course have a poke around yourself. Go on I dare you. There are plenty of links in the side bar to keep you entertained for hours if not days.

Tell me
What is it I do well?
What don't I do well?
Do you think I have a worthy story to tell?

Go on spill the beans I need to know.

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