Thursday, November 1

Thankful for an awesome hairdresser

An alternative title was Thankful for being really really ridiculously good looking, but somehow I thought it might seem a little arrogant or something.

Regular readers would have noticed that I have been a little down of late (to say the least perhaps). October here, is often referred to as mango madness month or the silly season. The rate of suicide is higher than any other month and most people blame it on the weather. 

The weather at this time of year is beyond awful. It is hot and sticky and hot. When I say hot I mean really really hot. The humidity constantly sits on around 80% which makes the thick and heavy and just horrid.

There is an upside though, that being the opportunity to take some rather awesome cloud photos.

Sunset, taken last week but really is indicative of most nights
Taken on the way to school the other day
(hence the reflection of my phone in my dirty windscreen)
Mind you I do find it a bit bittersweet because I know full well that as I sit there watching the clouds gather they are just going to drift of elsewhere and deposit their precious rain. There is still at least another month till rain will begin to fall regular. I am of course incredibly thankful for the wonderful rainy morning that we had on Sunday. Pure and utter bliss.
But as always I digress.
Realising I was in desperate need of a little me time I decided to take myself off to the hairdresser

Before the chop

Best thing I could possibly have done. Ever.
Even though I my hair is already quite short at this time of year it drives me insane. It is or was, at that length that is not quite long enough to tie up yet it is always in the way. Hanging in my eyes, tickling my neck and just generally getting in the way and making me grumpy. There may also have been a few sparkling (silver not grey) strands that I no longer wanted to look at.

Just between you and me I can't honestly
remember the last time I put a colour in my hair
I am so thankful that I went all out and got a few foils put in as well. Miss Two was thankful for the yummy homemade cookies that were all part of the service. Yep you read right my hairdresser has homemade cookies to serve to her customers.

She is all sorts of awesome I tell you.

Not only is she wonderful at reading her customer (or at least this one) but she is wonderful to chat with (not something I find easy with hairdressers as a rule) and finally, which is really the icing on the cake for mums, the salon has a supervised playroom for the kids! 

Yep totally totally awesome. In fact beyond totally awesome. 

The little miss had the best time ever and how could you not when you have a fully equipped playroom and a friendly carer all to yourself? There is a cubby, mini slide, a dolls house, painting/drawing, balloons, train tracks and for bigger kids there is even electronic entertainment and games machines.

Did I mention how just much I love my new hair?
My funky new colour
Seriously I walked out of there feeling like a whole new person. The worries of the world that were weighing me done must have been cut off with the hair because all afternoon I have felt better than I have since I can't remember when. And for that I am beyond thankful.

A few other non related things that I am also thankful this week include
  • being able to join in with awesome linkies like #RRRGL Monday (even though its Thursday) and of course #Thankful Thursday

  • the lovely band in America that asked if they could use two of my photos on their CD cover

  • my wonderful husband who can ride out the waves of my terrible moods and not complain about my lack of housekeeping skills, or rather efforts. I have the skills I just choose not to use them sometimes

  • spending time with my brother, his wife and their beautiful daughter

  • the fact that the weekend is only one day away

  • all the lovely suggestions that I was given to help me with my 30 stories in 30 days
Joining in with We Heart Life and
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