Wednesday, November 21

Silver Linings

I am currently in search of inspiration. My inner strength seems to have disappeared so I am seeking of a source to rejuvenate my soul with. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Looking for refuge somewhere, I stopped by my fairy garden and found an old silver lining post. It seems I have been able in the past to find joy in any occasion! So I will keep looking....

On a brighter note here is a wonderful photo taken at Katherine Gorge recently. It is of Jedda's Ledge, which ironically has great meaning to me, given my certain situation. Of course few know much about this situation as the sharing of intimate details in these avenues at times is not advised!

The above was actually written some time ago, back in 2008. I have decided to go right back to the beginning of my blogging existence. Lately I have been feeling a little lost and without direction. I am hoping that by going over some old posts I will be able to once again find my way.

The silver lining post that I spoke about is on a blog that is not currently live, though I naturally can still access it. My heart was left feeling both warmed and broken after I read the post in question. It is too long to actually post all of it here, especially when most of it is a bit irrelevant, so I will just fill you in.

It essentially rambles on about how no matter what happens I like to look for the positive. I am certain that there is always a silver lining. Which I am. At the time of the post I had just injured my toe and the silver lining was that I had a perfect excuse to sit around and do nothing.

Only there was more to it than just that.

I was only able to sit around and do nothing because of my wonderful mother who came and took the girls for a few hours. Just one of the many wonderful things she did actually. That was the heartwarming bit.

The heartbreaking bit was the way I have been treating my mother of late. My patience has been less than short with her. I have been brash and possible even rude at times. She makes me feel obligated to do certain things and I feel a growing resentment towards her. All terrible terrible things.

Deep down I love her so much though. And in fact I am sure I only feel this way because I love her so much and I am worried for her only I don't know how or even if I can help her.

Even with time though some things don't change. The last line that I wrote back then still holds true today.

Of course few know much about this situation as the sharing of intimate details in these avenues at times is not advised!

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  1. I would say its a mother daughter thing, isn't it? We all have them if we are lucky enough to have our mums still here with us. Mine drives me crazy sometimes, I can tell in one word if she's in one of her moods, then I just steer clear for a while. I love her to bits, but yup she can also drive me around the bend.


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