Wednesday, November 14

Turtles - Wordless Wednesday

The other day we were fortunate enough to watch some baby turtles make their way down the sand to the sea for the very first time. To find out more about it read here. For some interesting turtle info go here

These are few of the photos I took.

 I wanted to be this man. He had so many, ok maybe only three or four, lens attached to his belt. I went to ask him if he was perhaps interested in having me feature a few of his photos on my blog. Only when he said he was doing a feature in National Geographic I didn't bother

 This is the shell from a Green Turtle. It was to show the size of the turtles that had laid the eggs that had hatched. Though we were releasing Flat Back Turtles the size of an adult is about the same

 This is a small Flat Back, sitting inside the shell.

Everyone gathering round waiting for the turtles to be released

And they're off!

We were even able to have a little hold of one

 Perfect way to end the day

Joining in with the lovely Trish and friends for 
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