Monday, February 28

Leaving it for later

This is by far one of my most treacherous traits. I am a of the mindset where, later is always better. If it is possible to put something off I will. Doesn't matter what it is or what the consequences may be I just figure that later works well.

Should 'one day' which is much like 'tomorrow' ever arrive I am going to be very busy. I constantly hear myself saying "one day I will..." or looking at a pile that needs to be sorted and think ...I'll get to that tomorrow...only for some reason tomorrow never seems to come.

Still feeling invigorated and not wanting to waste my new found energy, once Little T went to sleep this morning I started to fold some washing that was in the process of overtaking the couch. Now I don't know about you, but to me folding washing is one of the most mind numbing tasks a home carer can do. As I stood there sorting and folding, my mind inevitably started to wander and drift off into nothingness. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it is not far from nothingness that some of my best writing ideas can stem from. That point where ideas seem to just appear without effort or thought.

Which is what started to happen. While my body went into autopilot my brain began buzzing with what my next post could be about and how I would put into words the recipe from dinner last night (I have noticed that all the 'good mummy blogs' shared recipes)... I suddenly began to think I should be writing instead of folding washing!

Of course if I sat down to write that would mean that the washing would get left...but not seizing the opportunity to write is somewhat of a foolish mistake, as who would know when I would again get the time or inclination and then ideas to do it again? The quandaries of life hey?

The final result? Well there is still washing to be folded, there possibly always will be. Washing is one of those ever more chores. Regardless how much of it you do there will always be more. It is just a part of life. Unless of course some bright spark out there can invent unstainable fabrics to make our clothes out of (hint, hint to any bright spark reading that is looking for something to invent) Clearly there was also a bit of writing so possibly a win win situation?

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