Monday, March 4

I must confess I failed miserably

My Home TruthsMiserably failed I tell you. Just miserably.

Remember last week when I confessed that I would be taking a step back from the whole linky party thing?

Yeah right. So didn't even come close to happening.

Even as I was writing the post I knew that I would be joining in with the wonders of IBOT over at EssentiallyJess on Tuesday. As a proud member of TeamIBOT, how could I not? Plus the week before I had promised a bit of a button tutorial so I couldn't not share that.

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Wednesday was the only day that I was able to stick to my resolve not to link. While I did post a Wordless Wednesday post I didn't head over to the lovely Trish to join her linky. Which kinda made me a bit sad for a couple of reasons. 

The first being because I do love Trish and it has been ages since I have actually participated in WW, but there are just so many other posts to share the love with. I just knew I didn't have the time. The second is more self centred and revolves around views. Or lack there of. No more need be said really.

When I confessed on Monday I had totally forgotten that it was the week my fellow TeamIBOT member over at always Josefa was hosting her monthly #convocoffee link up. This month the conversation was about hairdressers and I just couldn't miss out. My hair experiences were guaranteed to make you giggle.

By the time Friday rolled around I was adamant that I would be able to return to my no linking resolve. That was of course until I saw Samuel Johnson on the Today show and I just had to share all the things I knew about breast cancer. Which then just had to be linked up as much as possible all over the place to ensure maximum exposure.

At this stage I was certain that I would be able to walk away from linking for a while. Till I remembered that Mum Talks Autism hosted Blogs I Love on Saturday. There were so many wonderful post out there I couldn't help but share them.

This tweet from Jenn confirmed it was the right thing to do
So until I posted this photo I didn't actually realise it said test rather than tear!

As much as having a post out every day in January drained me, it was also a very positive experience. One I want to replica again. I need to make sure I keep on writing. Sure I won't be beating myself up too much if I don't get something out every day but I certainly will be rejoicing the times that I do.

After all the only way to be a writer is to actually just sit down and write.

Image by nkzs and found here

Sounds so easy when it is said like that doesn't it?

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