Saturday, March 2

Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #FWBK

On this day four years ago I wrote this post

I have decided to make the above my personal catch cry. Keeping up with modern day desire for abbreviation it can be displayed as ~ fw&bk ~

As you can see I am working on a possible logo sort of thing but obviously it is still very much in progress.

I guess if I had some sort of prize I could hold a competition... of course then I would need to find people interested in entering so it is all starting to sound a bit like hard work! Not that I am adverse to it, hard work that is but I have plenty of other hair brain ideas that I need to follow up before I start on any more.

Anyways chances are you are reading this post because I left you a link somewhere in this crazy cyberspace world that we seem to exist in. Well I just want you to know that I hope life is treating you well. May the sun shine down rays of happiness onto all that surrounds you.

It was published on my now defunct Fairy Garden site. A place where I let my inner fairy out. Or at least tried to. I shut it down a while a go when I realised no one ever really went there. I don't know why one way or the other now behind it all.

The idea behind this post was to create awareness and help spread the love that comes with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. Back then I was even lazier than what I am now and couldn't stand the thought of actually writing out all the words that were fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. I thought I could just type #fwbk and have an instant link back here.

Of course my little brain never quite got around all the extra coding that would be needed to include a link back. So I packed it all in on account of being a bad idea.

Trying to think back I am unable to recall as to why I decide to take My Fairy Garden offline. I think there was a part of me that was worried people would ridicule me or make fun of my airy fairy beliefs. Again the ins and outs of it all are a blur to me and I can't pinpoint or locate any reasons for a whole number of things that I have both thought, felt and even experienced. Some parts of life are perhaps meant to remain a tangled web of confusion?

Four years on I am somewhat wiser and a lot more comfortable with myself.

I proudly declare my love of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses every where I go. So much so that people now send them back to me. In fact some people just randomly send me fairy wishes and butterfly kisses when I least expect it. Which just warms my heart no end I tell. The only thing left to do is see someone else send some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to someone else again all of their own accord.

This is Rayisa. Oh how I love her
There is no rush though, all will happen on it's own accord and in good time.

I realise that now.

It hasn't been easy all the time, but I am slowly coming to terms with the beauty that is organic growth. That slow beautiful growth that comes with connecting with real readers.

It is a wonderful feeling.

Today I found myself ending a few tweets and comments with #fwbk knowing full well the recipient would know what I meant. That was a beyond wonderful feeling.

Today is exactly three weeks till my birthday. It is hard not to let the excitement override me. Three weeks is still a long way away.

With each day that passes I can feel my connection to the fairy realm growing stronger. My trust in sharing my thoughts gaining confidence with each moment that slips by. It is like I have a heightened awareness of just how magically magnificent life can be. If I let.

Having a faith that you can strongly hold onto in order to sail through the roughest of seas is very special indeed. That just knowing and trusting that in the end all will be ok. All will work out as it is meant to, for the very best.

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  1. #FWBK has beautiful sentiment. I love that you include it in all your blog comments too.

    It's a touch of magic. X

    1. Thank you lovely, I am glad that you feel that way. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a lovely week


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